Gypsy skirts. C’mon, you know you hate them.

I can’t believe no one’s voted against gypsy skirts either. Mis-matched flaps of coloured cotton (or worse synthethic) piled layer on top of layer in an unholy mess. What’s to like, people?

Also the next person who writes to me defending their hideous taste in liking ballet flats/espadrilles/formal shorts/shrugs/other fashion atrocity will be hit with a bad fashion curse. That’s right I will hex you so you never look good in clothes again. EVER.

Though, come to think of it, perhaps you’re all writing to me to defend these fashion atrocities because you’ve already been hit with the bad fashion curse. Hmmm. I will have to think further on a better punishment . . .

And for those who seem unable to find the poll: It’s to your right. In the sidebar. See? Where it says “Polls”. You’re welcome.


  1. anon on #

    I like them!

  2. fidelio on #

    All the choices have such a high level of loathesomeness that it’s hard to choose. I start to aim the mouse at “leggings” and I find an image from a restaurant where I ate breakfast recently floating into my mind. It involves low-riders and I’ll spare you the details*. Then there are the combinations-I was treated to a tiered-skirt/leggings/ballet flat combination at the grocery store lately. How do I vote that one, pray tell?

    I’ll stop before I drive some poor soul’s mind’s eye blind.

    *Plenty of other people saw that set of underwear–one of them can describe it for the internets instead. I shan’t be googling to see is they did justice to the topic.

  3. Justine on #

    Anon: Consider yourself cursed.

    Fidelio: Too true. I just saw skinny jeans with a pink glittery pregnancy top coupled with lime green ballet flats that barely curled over the toes and sides of the feet. Full toe cleavage! I have no idea how the things stayed on.

    I am still recovering from the sight.

    I must find poll software that allows voting for more than one thing. Having to choose is just too tricky.

  4. sherwood on #

    Talk about being total fashion challenged, I have no idea what shrugs are.

    I think the stupid fashions I have hated most over the past bunch of decades since i was a teen are 1) beehive hairdos

    2) those teeny sweaters people tied around their necks to dangle down, or just wore draped.

    3) clogs with the foot-thick soles. The prettiest girls would look like camels trudging dangerously on those things.

  5. Carie on #

    Dude, I saw someone in my building (we’re all either lawyers or bankers) the other day with a formal shorts business suit. No lie, full business suit with formal shorts instead of pants or a skirt.

    It was like a mullet, serious up top, party on the bottom.

    She should have been turned away at the security gates…

  6. cherie priest on #

    I like them with flip-flops and tank tops, during the summer, I confess. Does it mitigate my guilt if my gypsy skirts are all monochromatic — specifically, black?

    Also, I’ve come to love skinny jeans just a little bit. I buy them one size too big so they’re a smidge slouchy; the cuts tend to work well on me, even though I’m not super-skinny. I’m very long-waisted with longish legs (usually people have one or the other) — and the style sits nicely on my butt.

  7. Justine on #

    Sherwood: Your no. 2 sounds like it’s a shrug. See? You hate them too!

    Carie: So. Very. Wrong.

    Cherie: They’re not skinny jeans if they’re not skin tight.

    I have nothing against thongs except that you USians insist on calling them flip-flops because you’ve wasted the word “thongs” on “g strings”. I give up on you people!

  8. Mahek on #

    I only wear gypsy skirts if they look designer! They aren’t too bad. Ugg boots are what make me want to kill those who wear them. Not really I just hate them.

  9. Brent on #

    Actually rope sandals sound kind of neat. I admit I haven’t seen any, so my imagination may be giving them more appeal than they deserve. Still, I’m a middle-aged piano teacher; short of a suit, nothing *I* wear is going to have a hint of fashion about it.

    And I’m pleased that I’m NOT the only one who hates maternity-wear on the non-pregnant.

  10. Pixelfish on #

    Are gypsy skirts okay if one is going clubbing on pirate night? Enquiring minds…um…inquire.

    Also, what about maternity wear on the non-pregnant-but-slightly-poochy? People keep asking me if I am pregnant anyway.

  11. Katerate on #

    I like ballet flats. They are cute with medium length skirts. I curse your cursing of them.

    And some people intentionally try to have a bad fashion sense. Why? Because it is hilarious. If I saw some guy with like, a blazer and tie but he was wearing shorts, I would think he is the MAN for having the balls to go out like that. I dunno.

    It would get boring for people to play by the fashion rules all of the time. At least for me it would. And you wouldn’t get to have posts like these.

  12. Justine on #

    Katerate: And some people intentionally try to have a bad fashion sense.

    Sarcastic dressing is always exempted. As are those fashion miracles who manage to look amazing in whatever they wear.

    It would get boring for people to play by the fashion rules all of the time.

    But there are so many different sets of them. There are goth rules and emo rules and old people rules and so on and so forth. Mine, obviously are the ones you should all be following. Not the nonsense about no white after Labor Day and that you can’t wear black and brown together. Please.

    And you wouldn’t get to have posts like these.

    Yes, indeed. What do we live for but to make sport of our neighbours? (And, you know, so they can make fun of us in their turn.) It’s not like I haven’t worn the most ridiculous clothes of all time.

  13. trudi on #

    (hides gypsy skirts)

    If you have another poll, could you include lingerie worn as outside wear? You know the crime – silky, lacy camisoles or dresses, usually worn without a bra. Always with the sort of nipple action that makes you want to scream “Stop pointing at me!”

  14. capt. cockatiel on #

    Why is there no “other” category? I mean, yes, all the choices are in need of votes. But can I not vote for man flats?
    They are a mistake! They need to be burned and never manufactured again!
    Oh well. I’ve made do with randomly voting, since every single choice was a good one. (This is the rare multiple choice where there is no communist tendencies — nothing is more right than anything else. Ha.)

  15. Diana Peterfreund on #

    I like black and brown together. Especially when it is anything brown WITH MY FABULOUS BLACK SHRUG!

    It is too bad it is getting warm or next time you saw me I’d be wearing that shrug so you, too can kowtow to it’s fabulousness.

  16. Justine on #

    Pixelfish: Gypsy skirts for pirate nights are perfectly acceptable.

    Trudi: Your pet peeve has been added. I think I may just keep this poll up forever.

    Capt. Cockatiel: Your wish is my command.

    Diana: I love black with brown; the nay-sayers are blind idiots.

    Note to self: do not hang out with Diana in winter.

  17. cherie priest on #

    Ooh — let me add, one for the gents: Flip-flops (or thongs, if you prefer) with jeans. My husband does this all the time, and it looks ridiculous.

  18. Ally on #

    haha this reminds me of the time we went to cheer camp. it was a day when we were soposed to wear crazy stuff. we had rebock hightops (normal cheer shoes), leggings with shorts over them, tee-shirts with the necks cut out, and side ponytails. All this was unmatching color-wise.

  19. capt. cockatiel on #

    Man flats! That name is practically offical now! Ish.
    Too bad we can only vote once, though. Hrm. But it’s still nice to see it up there in the long list of horrendous fashions. Thanks, Justine. n_n

  20. hillary! on #

    WHAT ARE MAN FLATS!!!!!!!??????

  21. Camille on #

    LOL But Justine — thongs are different from G-strings. A different sort of “pants,” as you might say. They don’t involve string. (And T-backs are a third entity entirely. But closer to a G-string.)

    I love gypsy skirts in a Ren Faire kind of way (mainly because I wanted to be a princess when I was little), but I am too tall to look anything but ridiculous in them. But I know people who wear them for religious (modesty) reasons.

    Skinny jeans should be banned.

  22. alys on #

    Yes, what are man flats?

    Also, you don’t have up the only thing I hate more than pregnancy clothes for the non-pregnant: those plastic clog-things. (I know they have a name, but I have obviously blanked it out in order to retain my sanity.)

    Cherie, I’m with you on the black gypsy skirts.

  23. lunamoth on #

    Justine, I think I didn’t realise what you meant by Gypsy skirts. I thought you were just referring to long, tiered skirts, rather than a pile of mismatched remnants sewn together in a circle. 🙂

  24. capt. cockatiel on #

    Man flats are… what do people even call them? They are those canvas shoes that come in many hideous patterns. I honestly don’t know what else anyone could call them but “man flats” because they are clearly the equivalent of flats for men.
    (And I am aware that girls wear them, too, but it doesn’t change the name. At least in my opinion…)

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