Reading, voting, bidding

Some stuff I have been remiss in sharing with you:

  • A while ago I mentioned that E. Lockhart‘s The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks is the best book she’s written. It wasn’t out then but it is now. This book is so amazing that I’m rendered dumb trying to come up with the words to describe its wit, genius and splendiferousness. Just buy it! Or borrow it from the library! Or steal it from a friend. You will thank me.1
  • Christopher Barzak who wrote the wonderful debut novel, One For Sorrow, is up for one of MTV’s LOGO’s NewNowNext Awards: “Brink of Fame: Author”. If you read and loved that book you should go vote for him now!
  • There’s a big arse auction going on of gorgeous jewellery inspired by brilliant short stories. All proceeds go to support the Interstitial Arts Foundation.


  1. Though your friend might be a bit cranky. []


  1. Katie on #

    actually, my friend DID steal my copy. and I am quite cranky because she LOST it and it is def. my favorite book that E. Lockhart has written. Although Dramarama does come as a close second.

  2. Sarah Ockler on #

    I loved E’s new book. Frankie is such a cool character – definitely made me want to return to college and look for a few on-campus secrets.

    I’m going to have to stalk E. in NY while she’s promoting How to Be Bad so I can get an autograph!


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