1. Camille on #

    Ha ha ha! For shame! 😀

  2. Patrick on #

    omg! You are writing about writing about writing.

    Is that even easier than just writing about writing?

  3. Justine on #

    patrick: Yup. Writing about writing about writing about writing is the best thing ever. Total piece of cake!

  4. Patrick on #

    mmmmmm, cake! when will the madness stop?

  5. lunamoth on #

    …and by extension, *reading* about writing is even *easier* than writing about writing, which is easier than writing. Heh.

  6. Patrick on #

    I dunno. I think readin about cake is easier than reading about writing about writing.

    Unless, of course, the writing about cake includes a recipe with exact measurements, ’cause that can get to be some mighty tedious reading.

  7. Justine on #

    Eating cake’s the easiest . . .

  8. Lisa Yee on #

    . . . and writing a blog comment on a blog someone else wrote is easier than actually writing, too!

  9. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    writing about writing is indeed easier than actually writing, but it’s not as easy as writing about someone else’s writing about writing (ie, commenting on a blog where someone has written about writing), which just might be the easiest of all.

    except for eating yummy stuff, of course


    (yes, i am procrastinating. i must stop now.)

  10. lunamoth on #

    patrick & justine: the cake is a lie! 😛

  11. Rebecca on #

    not cake. pie. pie is goooood.

    my world has been flipped upside down b/c somehow the caps have weaseled their way back onto this blog. aaahhhhhh!! 😀

  12. Justine on #

    Rebecca: What can I say? I got bored. It’s been lowercase since 25 May 2005.

    As the first person to notice, I should prolly give you some kind of prize. Several other people commented without mentioning the change . . .

  13. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Such are my surveillance skills that I did not notice until now that this post (and it’s comments) contained caps. Aren’t I just so very observant?

    (And yet my first comment was caps-less, which is odd considering I even capitalize my IMs…)


  14. rebecca on #

    ooooh, a prize! perhaps pie. pie pie pie pie pie! 😀

    i have gotten too much in the habit of not using my caps. i don’t know if i can handle the switch back….

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