1. Kaleb on #

    I love salmon!

  2. Justine on #

    Is not salmon recipe. But salmon roe. The eggies of the salmon.

  3. Kenina-chan on #

    I have to show this recipe to my dad, it sounds like the thing he would love to make, he likes salmon roe. and guess what??? yesterday was not a snow day, but today is!!!! for no reason! (okay, okay, there was this huge lake effect storm, but it stalled right before it was going to hit us, so they decided to close school anyway)

  4. Kadie-Wa on #

    I’m not a huge fan of salmon either. i think that animals should be able to live freely. (and fish too)

  5. hillary! on #

    I agree Kadie-wa, unfortunately my ‘rents don’t, neither do they respect my beliefs.

  6. janet on #

    Hey, does this mean you found some chervil?

  7. Kadie-Wa on #

    thank you hillary! Someone finally agrees with me!

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