Deadlines are bad

Deadlines are bad for you skin, your social life, and they drive away everything but that What Must Be Finished By A Certain Dread Date.

Exhibit A:

All she can see is the horror.

Exhibit B:

Her laptop is now bigger than she is. It threatens to eat her.


  1. Laini Taylor on #

    Amen. I’m so tired. . .

  2. Simon Sherlock on #

    My wife has that nighty! You *must* be cold to be wearing something that fleecy 🙂

  3. Justine on #

    simon: Is not nighty! Is pjs. Real writers only wear pyjamas!

  4. Simon Sherlock on #

    Same design though, probably just as fleecy and probably a lot less draughty …

  5. veejane on #

    I’m just impressed with that stack of books in picture #2. Anti-gravity FTW!

  6. Patrick, The Space Lord on #

    she’s holding them there with her mind. All writers do it. The books follow her around dilligently waiting for more words.

  7. Tim on #

    love the jammies! hang in there, fellow deadline-facer!

  8. jo whittemore on #

    Okay, see, this is when you eschew the sleepy sheep pajamas for ones that are peppy and inspire insomnia. Like pajames decorated with cups of coffee…or teaspoons of crack.

  9. sara z. on #

    I like that bookshelf behind you, the single tower thingie. where’d you get it?

  10. Kenina-chan on #

    Wow! I know this family that has the same bookshelf! They fit the books so exact that you can’t see the metal part. (By accident of course) And then it looked like one entire tower of books that disregarded physics!

    I recommend eating chocolate covered coffee beans.

  11. hillary! on #

    Hank Green has floating books on his walls. I reccomend a Juice It Up. It’s natural and yummy. Mango!

  12. kim on #

    who stacks books like that? 🙂

  13. Corey on #

    I’m curious…how close is said dread date? Are we going to be treated with more time lapse images to see the spiraling descent into madness the nearer it gets?

  14. lotltotl on #

    hee! I just found your blog, I’ll definitely stop back. Ha, I recognize the “thousand yard stare” in that first photo!

    I was actually going to comment on “novels I despise” but no more comments are allowed! Sad. that is too fun.

    good luck with your deadline!

  15. Rebecca on #

    we are your personal cheering squad. go justine, yeahhhhhh!! down with deadlines!! 😀

  16. Iron Pugilist on #

    I could have sworn you were one of the unfortunate viewers of the dreaded 2girls1cup video.

  17. hipwritermama on #

    you’re at the finish line. you can do this. think shoes. think chocolate. think great book party.

  18. Katie on #

    love the pjs. 🙂 how’d you manage to make those books stack like that?

  19. Katerate on #

    Deadlines are horrible. High five for meeting them, though.

  20. Jelly-wa on #

    Me too Patrick!

  21. Potato on #

    I’m back!
    nice P.J’s in that picture Justine very stylish

  22. Peter D. Tillman on #

    J., you look good, even staring at the screen (& deadline). Definition of a really good-looking woman. Scott is fortunate.

    Cheers — Pete Tillman

    “Beauty is skin deep. But how rich you are can last a long time.”
    (Christine, age 9)

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