Not home

I so wish I was back home right now. I’d get to follow the cricket and the election. It would be warm. The sun wouldn’t be setting just a few hours after it rose. No one would be asking me about my accent. People would know that Errol Flynn is Australian. I’m sick of being a foreignor. Back home I don’t have to explain myself nearly so often. I can’t tell you how tiring it gets.

If I was in Sydney right now I would go for a long walk. I’d hear flying foxes in the trees. I’d smell all the night flowering plants. I’d watch the light sparkling on the harbour. I’d be HOME. And I’d go to Forbes & Burton for breakfast. I miss you, Adrian! I miss all my friends and family back home.

Where do you wish you were right now?


  1. lili on #

    right now, i want to be in new york!

    see you tuesday! xx

  2. lili on #

    i mean monday!

  3. simmone on #

    well I am just about to go home and will be there in hmmm 72 hours or so – justine – you owe it to all aussies to make up outrageous lies when answering stupid questions! (although strangely enough on the BBC news there was a report about a kangaroo terrorising the streets of Melbourne … and it was all true!) when I get home I am going to sit in our suntrap and just go ahhhhh!

  4. Sash on #

    I’m exhausted due to a possum in my ceiling. he walked up and down between the floors all night and sounds like he’s the size of a prowrestler. the land of marsupials has its down side too!

  5. dragonfly on #

    are you going home soon??

    if i could be anywhere? well, my husband is in the field training right now, so i can’t be with him…so i guess i’d have to choose to be with my best friend, in kansas. not the most lovely place on earth, but it’s with my best friend! 😛

  6. Patrick, The Space Lord on #

    Flying foxes? Is Australia an alien planet or Fantasy world? Are there talking meese as well?

  7. hereandnow on #

    if you were in Australia *right now*, it would be dark. and if you were in my vicinity it would be very loud. (I live opposite a pub.) but still nice for night-walking.

    I wish I was in a modest yet comfortable beach house with old friends and an enormous stack of books. because I need a holiday. quite urgently. (is it christmas yet?)

  8. Justine on #

    Lili: That’s cause you’re home right now. I haven’t been home in ages and ages and ages. Waaahh!!!! But at least I’ll have the comfort of yours and Sarah’s proper accents really soon!!!

    hereandnow: That’s why I said flying foxes and night flowering plants. They’re only out at night!!

  9. robin on #

    Oh, this is so sad. I knew errol flynn was australian, I swear. (Of course, I know most robin hood trivia, so i guess that’s not particularly impressive.) you’ll get to go home soon!

  10. sara z on #

    at your party! drinking!

    (it was great to see you on Wednesday – you looked absolutely ravishing!)

  11. Gina on #

    I wish I was back in bed. 🙂

    And I had NO idea Errol Flynn was an Australian. But now I do, so reading your blog has been an education experience this morning.

  12. doselle young on #

    honestly, I’d be happy to be in an up market hotel suite in manhattan near central park and the apple store (the glass cube one opposite central park) because that would be mean I could see you and scott for fun and frolic.

    so there.

    p.s. project x is moving apace. i will keep you posted.

  13. Andrew Nicholson on #

    I miss Sydney the most around this time of year. I live a little north of Seattle and the PNW is so dark, wet, cloudy, and depressing. If I had any sense I’d migrate home for summer, but I’m stuck here.

    Sash – I’d love the hear the sweet sounds of the possum running over the roof in his gumboots again.

  14. Justine on #

    Andrew Nicholson: Indeed! Not going home till February is making me very sad.

  15. janet on #

    I’m pretty hppy where I m right now. Especilly now tht citrus fruits re coming into seson.

    pologies. I spilled mrtini on my keybord lst night, nd now one key (guess which) doesn’t work.

  16. Justine on #

    Janet: Hah hah! A semi-self-disemvowelling keyboard. Now all you have to do is get rid of the e, i, o and u!

  17. janet on #

    I guess tht would be clled cyber-seppuku.

  18. sylvia on #

    sorry you’re homesick 🙁

    if i could be anywhere i’d be out in alberta, where there’s bright snow on the ground and bright sunshine in the sky all day long (well, not that the days are very long — but they are very sunny!) and there’s no road salt to destroy your nice new boots and you get the day off for remembrance day and there’s no provincial sales tax on peek freans, and where just as you think you can’t stand one more day at minus twenty-five celcius along comes a lovely lovely chinook …

    homesick, me? nooo…

  19. Lydia on #

    Sydney sounds nice!

    but I’d rather be in St. Petersburg Russia. I don’t care how cold it is now! I love that city.

  20. Delia on #

    Paris. At the little time-shared apartment we can no longer get into, with a duck in the oven and champagne (nv) in our glasses. Even though it’s even darker there than here and the dollar’s crap against the euro.

  21. Rebecca on #

    i like where i am at the moment, oddly enough. but if i could be anywhere else, i’d be at home with my cat, and it would be 70 degrees instead of 60, and my wordcount would be 40k instead of 30k. 😛

  22. Dawn on #

    I’m away for college and I just wish I were back at home in Kansas again. I miss it and my family SOOO much!!!!

  23. calliope on #

    i would be in my camp, ccc (chimney corners), the awesomest place in the world, surrounded by all of my awesome friends (more like sisters) that i made there. i would be chilling out in my cabin, and i would be hysterical with laughter.

    sadly, right now there are about 5 people there, and it is probably below freezing.


  24. Cheryl on #

    Look on the bright side, m’dear – you have a wonderful home to be sick for. If I were at home I’d be surrounded by wingeing poms.

    So I guess if I could wish to be anywhere then it would be in my other home, California. And lo, after a week in Boston on business, here I am. I am duly grateful.

  25. Karen on #

    i’d like to be somewhere that doesn’t have snow on the ground. i shouldn’t complain — last year it arrived weeks earlier and stayed a month later. but it still feels too early to be shoveling and brushing and skidding into ditches.

  26. serafina zane on #

    ha! u think there’s little sun in NYC this time of year. i just returned from iceland—the sun rose at nine-thirty and set at four, and it was cloudy and rainy most of the time, and the amount of daylight was getting less and less every day.
    now THAT’S dark.

  27. David Moles on #

    sydney would be dandy. really anywhere it’s not gray and freezing and the nights aren’t longer than the days.

  28. y.manynames on #

    Ironically enough, I am in the land of Cricket-on-the-Beach and I would love to be in Non-sunny-currently-Cricketless-no-longer-Forested-Sherwood-Forest. Home is where the heart is, no matter where the heart lives, and my heart is there, regardless of where I hang my baggy green hat. I have noticed that even though summer is coming and the flying foxes are foxing about and I have brand new Cricket gear that needs to be broken in, I am having problems shaking my winter blues. Maybe because this Christmas was (again) supposed to be my first Christmas in my new home. But anyway.

    I understand the homesickness totally. Have some tea and sympathy with me. I will try to knock out a few sixers on saturday for you. Please eat some punkin pie for me Thursday. (I lived in the US for a few years and I LOVE punkin pie.)

    And now I must go back to making the roster for my team. I am the co-captian this season, as it is deemed I have suffiscient leadership ability to do so. However, there are now some questions as to the direction I am co-leading. Please ask Father Christmas to fix my visa woes as it is very hard to survive sometimes when one’s heart is half a world a way

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