Not that anyone asked . . .

. . . but I am hundred per cent in favour of the WGA strike. Doris Egan, who’s a writer on House,1 eloquently explains why. And, yes, a lot of it is about dosh. Why the hell shouldn’t writers be adequately compensated for their work? Here’s my favourite bit:

By the way, I’m not at all sure this understanding [about money] goes up to the CEO’s office; how can it, when that CEO can be handed sixty million dollars just for quitting? Someday I must tell you the story of the famous exec who said, “Why not make this character middle-class? Let’s say he makes $300,000 a year—” and the writers all stared at him.

That’s right the folks who are keeping the writers from having a fair cut of the work they create think $300 grand a year for one person is a middle class wage. Words completely fail me. It’s like those people who crap on about the outrageous amount male basketball players earn but don’t say a word about the insane earnings of the people who own and run the teams and leagues. An athlete’s career is short and physically dangerous.2 Execs get to keep on raking it in when they’re old and grey.

You really have to wonder at a world where it’s the executives around the creative folks who make the obscene amounts of money while most of the creatives are grateful to be paid at all.

Now, to be clear I am not referring to the producers or any of the other staff who are currently out of work because of this strike. That’s right, this strike means lots of people, not just writers, are going to be without pay for the duration. And most of those people—unlike the writers—don’t have a strike fund to keep them going. Not that the big bosses up top give a damn about any of them.

I believe I’ve ranted enough.

  1. and also wrote some of my fave fantasy novels of the early 1990s []
  2. The majority of those who become pros rarely have more than ten solid earning years. []


  1. maureen on #

    *thumps e-table in agreement*

  2. Steve Buchheit on #

    I’m all for the wga stike. as a fellow union member, solidarity forever.

    And i used to scoff at some of the comments you made above, I no longer do. I just hope we can avoid the struggles that preceded the making of the unions.

  3. Rebecca on #

    gah! 300k a year? i want that job….

    actually, no. i really don’t. 😛 what adds to the infuriating dumbassery of all this is the people who are getting fired to “guilt the writers” into stopping the strike. what kind of fascist strategy is that? ugh.

  4. shloopy on #

    300k… a year? Oh my… Entertainment and athletes… We really need to see how things have become so diproportionate.
    In TV shows or movies, the thing I think most about is: ‘Whoever made up that line was a genius’ or ‘Wow, now I understand! the script writer did such a a great job!’
    Sometimes, it’s not just the writers, I pay attention to miniscule detail, like lighting and stuff. This strike affects a lot more people than we can comprehend right now. Maybe the strike will also help with payments for other jobs, raising awareness, for technicians and other people who work on the set and on movies.
    Oh, and by the way, the person who did Wilson’s dialogue is episode 1 of the new season- you are my hero.

    Justine, you are also my hero. =) Your post made my day.

  5. Kadie-Wa on #

    Yep. I’m totally agreeing with you too, Justine. That is really not fair at all.

  6. Lauren on #

    Not to mention, what we the writers negotiate with the producers will greatly impact the deal the directors and actors cut next summer. They’re watching us and the producers know that if we cave early, they’ll have greater leverage over the directors and actors. You’ll notice that the producers never come out and try to make their case (an unmakable one) to the public, but rather they keep referring to the writers as “strike happy.” I’m not happy about the strike. I wish it didn’t have to happen. But I also want my residuals checks when my movies make them money.

  7. Liset on #

    hmmm… huelga!

    ya know, i used to be really down on athletes (maybe just cause i run really slow) but you definitly made a point.

    lets just have a revolution, shall we?

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