Jacket monkey

I am a jacket monkey which totally works for me as those are two of my favourite things. I love beautiful jackets and I love monkeys. What could be better than putting them together? (If I weren’t pressed for time there would a picture of a monkey wearing a jacket here. You’ll just have to imagine it.)

Today me and Nicola from Nicola’s books in Ann Arbor opened many many copies of Extras to the signing page for Scott to scribble all over. We were his jacket monkeys. I want a Jacket Monkey t-shirt. I’ve already earned it. So many copies! So many jackets! So many pages!

In other news I am regretting that I learned on an earlier trip never to travel with manga because just before we left I read the first two volumes of Naruto and Hana-Kimi and R.O.D. and I am desperate to read more. Sadly it only takes half an hour to read one manga. To meet my reading needs on this trip I would need a truckload. They’re heavy. No more manga for almost three weeks. Waaaah!!!

Turns out that two of our writer friends are here: John Scalzi and Elizabeth Gilbert. Yay! The first we learned when Scalzi tackled Scott in the middle of a cocktail party. We authors are so well behaved . . .

It’s 12:20AM in Chicago. But that’s really 1:20AM in NYC. And past my bedtime on account of waking up before the sun rose. Erk!

I sleep now.


  1. rachel on #

    read or die!!! Icy!!!

  2. Kadie-Wa on #

    sweet, a monkey jacket! oh wait-other way around jacket monkey! still sweet!

  3. Dawn on #

    I wish Scott could scribble on one of my books. I wish…wait…I do have your scribble on one of my books! YAY! But I wouldn’t mind more scribble on my other two books. 🙂

  4. Iris on #

    I wish you were comming to Philly and/or Langhore/Hulmeville (depending on who you ask) so I could meet you both. I can’t wait for Extras and The Ultimate Fairy Book!!!

  5. Rachel Brown on #

    The great thing about Naruto is that it keeps getting better! My absolute favorite arc occurs around volumes 28-31 (DO NOT SPOIL HER.) I got hooked on volume 5, which is the ninja SATs (do you have an equivalent in Australia? Evil college-entrance exams) and one of the funniest things ever.

    Have you read Mushishi yet? You must read that! It’s phenomenal.

  6. hillary! on #

    Scalzi tackling Scott? that would have been nice to see!

  7. Patrick on #

    Jacket monkey reminds me of bathroom monkey.

  8. katie on #

    you need to come to utah! no authors ever come to utah unless they’re mormon. 🙁

  9. cassie on #

    Nicola’s Books! Did you see the fairy door? Also I saw Melanie last night and we talked about yooou.

  10. Justine on #

    alas where we go is entirely up to Scott’s publishers.

    Mushishi is genius.

  11. Laura on #

    Justine it was great to meet you at GLBA. I’m really excited to read the list of manga titles you gave to me. I am so glad we talked! It was fun to sit around the fire although I am postive scott roasted his backside and he was just too polite to admit it. We’d love to have you visit us in Grand Rapids someday at the reading tree. PS – I promise to catch up on your Magic books too!

  12. Justine on #

    Laura: Was lovely to meet you and Janet and (oh no! I’ve forgotten her name!) the third fabulous Reading Tree person. It was a blast! (Scott genuinely likes being warm. He honestly would have moved if it was bothering him.)

    Scott and me would love to come visit you all in Grand Rapids some day. Maybe it will even happen next year? My fingers are crossed!

  13. Courtney-chan on #

    yay manga! i luvs manga, but i normaly only get one volume at a time, and i usualy finish in about half an hour (like u said)… i’ve been waiting for like a month for Tokyo Mew Mew vol 3! it’s never at Barnes and Noble 🙁 but i’ve already seen the anime (Tokyo Mew Mew, NOT Mew Mew Power), so i know what happens. STILL…

    yay jacket monkey! XD

  14. Courtney-chan on #

    you and scott HAVE 2 come to Grand Rapids!!! ^_^

  15. Cat-kha on #

    Why don’t you get a jacket monkey jacket?
    Ookay, that sounds weird, but…
    Well… you know.

    With all due respect,

  16. Cat-kha on #

    *hands the Mighty Justine her capital letters, and the SHift key, and the caps lock key.* *remembers something from So yestarday* So… you’re against s.h.i.f.t., then?

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