Off on tour (updated)

Not my tour but Scott’s tour for his latest book Extras. It pubs on the 2nd of October and is deeply awesome. In fact, it’s my favouritest of the Uglies series. Aya is my new hero.

I’ll be along at most of the public events. If you’re around come and say hello.

I plan to keep blogging everyday. You know, on account of I’m addicted. I managed it every day we were away at Dragoncon so I don’t see how a little tour will stop me.

Hey, does anyone who’s been on a book tour before have any survival tips? (Other than bring lots of shoes?)

Update: I’d be delighted to sign books. I may have to skip a few of the events to get some work done but I plan to be at most of them.


  1. Rebecca on #

    have fun! i hope the airports don’t suck any more than usual. 😛

    i am so excited for extras but i have a problem. another really really exciting book is coming out on the same day. gah! i wonder if it’s possible to simultaneously read them….hahahahahaha.

  2. marrije on #

    Not from personal experience, but gleaned from reading many a tour report:

    1. Eat when you can
    2. Sleep when you can
    3. Bring something large/expandable to events (to schlepp home gifts in)
    4. Anti-septic wipes (to prevent what the making light crew call ‘con-crud’)

  3. Dawn on #

    I’m really excited for extras!!! I wish I could see you guys on tour, but you’re not going to be going any place that’s even remotely close to where I am. Maybe authors are scared of Utah. Who knows. Have fun, though!!! 🙂

  4. kim on #

    maybe you can tell scott to post everyday that ya’ll are there. he does not post enough. and we want to know that ya’ll are doing while you are there.

  5. cassie on #

    Have fun you guys! You will be missed.

    Advice? Avoid the room service cobb salad. Every hotel has it and it is always bad.

  6. Jez on #

    🙂 I’m so glad you’ll be along! I’ll be at the Naperville event on release day–with the book club I run and with the school’s bookclub too (we combined them for this event).
    Is there any chance that you’ll be signing books too? Like, can I bring my copy of Magic or Madness and get it signed?

    Eat whenever you can because there will probably be lots of times when you’ll go long stretches without being able to eat anything.

  7. nichole on #

    rebecca: it really is possible to read more than one book at once. kind of. I’m reading 3 books and listening to an audio book. it’s taking me forever. i have to say that I love audio books because it’s like having someone read to me until i fall asleep every night. except they are crap at keeping track of what page we’re on. because i usually fall asleep before the disk is over.

    I can’t wait for extras! 🙂

  8. Justine on #

    Thanks for all the eating advice. We’ve lucked out at our first hotel—the room service is actually good. The shock! Just as well as there’s no where else to eat around here.

    Jez: I’ll make sure I’m at the Naperville event so I can sign your book.

  9. Chris McLaren on #

    It’s not supposed to be out until October 2? Hell, I saw it on display at my local store last night!

  10. Carbonel on #

    God willing and the creeks don’t rise (we mean that literally around here), I’ll see you at the Shoreline event.

    Waterproof shoes/boots are probably a good idea come to think of it.

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