1. Ally on #

    You got an iphone?! How awesome!

  2. Dawn on #

    Wow…I hope it serves you well!!! hehe

  3. emily on #

    omg! you got a iphone? i hate you!!!!

  4. Barry on #

    love mine, too! haven’t tried blogging from it yet, though…

  5. hillary! on #

    I want one too, but everyone tells me they’re not worth it. Are they? And how much do they cost?

  6. Rebecca on #

    i love mine, too! also have not tried to blog on it, but I have a feeling it probably isn’t too effective. Still, it’s so pretty. And fancy. and now it does special things in starbucks!

  7. haddy on #

    an iphone i shun apple (exept ipods) my skin starts to boil when i walk into a mac lab

  8. Rebecca on #

    i shun apple

    but–but….why? i would give my firstborn for a mac right about now…. *sigh* i has already decided that i’m getting one for myself as a graduation present. hehehehe.

  9. Kadie-Wa on #

    you have an iphone!! no way! that’s amazine! cool!

  10. Penni on #

    I’m not jealous.
    I’m not.
    *Sighs and nurses her bitter bitter heart.*

  11. Justine on #

    Does it make you all feel better if I tell you it was a birthday present?

    (I’m not saying it was a birthday pressie just wondering if that would make you feel better.)

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