Happy, happy

Australia just thrashed England in their Super Eight match. They barely broke a sweat doing it. Ha ha!

I discovered this lovely review of the Magic or Madness trilogy by a future librarian. It’s pretty spoiler free if you want a squizz. I really liked this bit:

The magical abilities are also not what one expects—Reason has an amazing aptitude for math and patterns. Her friend Tom can create magical clothing, and Jay-Tee’s magic is in movement—like running and dancing. (None of this, ooh-look-at-me-I can-fly-or-read-minds . . . etc.)

I did that on purpose! And someone noticed! Woo hoo!

Also Scott just read me the almost last bit of Extras and it is good! So. Very. Good.

And on Tuesday we fly to San Antonio where it is much much warmer than NYC and there are many cool librarians and young adult writers for us to hang with. Happiness!


  1. Dawn on #

    I wish I could read some of Extras. Sad face.

  2. Ally on #

    yeah me too..he should post like the back of the book on his website or something. that would be awsome!

    ooh san antonio is only like a days drive away! maybe my mom will drive me..haha that would be a miracle if that happened.
    are yall going to fly through arkansas? or like go around.

    Well i hope you have fun in texas!

  3. Mitali Perkins on #

    Hope to see you in San Antonio. I’ll try and come to your signing if I’m around.

  4. Ted Lemon on #

    We just came from Austin, which is close to San Antonio, and wound up driving for six hours through sleet and freezing rain. I don’t know what happened to Texas – I thought it was supposed to be warm there.

    Fortunately for you, the weather forecast suggests that they will be experiencing record heat the next couple of days, so you won’t have to deal with that. But don’t tempt the weather gods – you could be next…

  5. Dess on #

    Im so jealous, Justine. While you get to go to san Antonio, im stuck here in Pennsylvania where its freezing cold. Yesterday was Easter and it was colder yesterday then on Christmas day! So jealous.

  6. Rebecca on #

    “i thought it was supposed to be warm there.”
    “the weather forecast suggests that they will be experiencing record heat the next couple of days”

    my world has been turned upside down. it was THIRTY-EIGHT DEGREES here. i had to go out and get two new sweaters, because i had nothing. NOTHING!! and within 24 hours, it’s supposed to be back in the 80’s. what am i supposed to do? and more to the point, what am i supposed to do with these sweaters?

    yay tla!!!!

  7. Sara on #

    Thanks sooo much for mentioning my blog!!! I’d gush about how much I love your books… but I’m guessing that was already pretty apparent from my review.

    (I was wondering last night why my blog stats were suddenly really really high, especially considering that it was Easter… now I understand 😉 )

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