What happens to Reason

Courtesy of Marrije, I now know what happens to Reason after the Magic or Madness trilogy:

She’s now working advertising coffee in the Netherlands!

See the eerie resemblance?

It’s a huge relief to me to know that at least one of my characters is not going to starve just because I’ve stopped writing about them. Phew!


  1. marrije on #

    Still chuckling about this one 🙂 Though i do worry about her poor, hot feet…

    The advert is from the delectable supermarket magazine allerhande, and may also have been used in other places, but I only noticed it yesterday after just finishing Magic’s Child.

  2. Justine on #

    Reason’s tough. She’ll be fine even with hot feet.

    Thanks so much for passing this along!

  3. Dawn on #

    hah! very nice…

  4. Dess on #

    thats really funny. how did you notice that? they look so similar. they even have the same glowing aura-type thing.

  5. Meg on #

    That is sooo funny! I can’t wait to see another character on a food item. Speaking of which, I loved Magic’s Child! This has been one of my fave series ever. The ending makes me wonder about what is going to happen to Magic. I know MC was the last book, but I want to know what happens to her? Tom said Magic was magic too, so i wonder why and what Reason will think of that? I wish that the story would continue. Thanks for all of the good laughs and cries throughout the series. Keep those awesome books coming!

  6. Ally on #

    oh wow! what a co-winky-dink!

    oh and speaking of a co-winky-dink I was at a concert like 30 minutes ago and a person from australia was singing. Her name was Rebecca St. James. ANNND she brought up Cricket and how they beat england. and that made me think of you! it doesn’t sound all that great on here but you had to be there

  7. Dess on #

    i told my library to get your books. they didnt have any of them which made me sad. so now my library will be able to read about reason who is now endorsing coffee.

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