Team Human is Now Out Everywhere*

*If by “everywhere” I mean Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, which, um, I do. Sorry, rest of the world.

Team Human is real! Team Human is out in the world! *bounce bounce bounce*

This morning (Australia time) we did a twitter chat about Team Human and I can’t quite believe this happened, but, well, there’s proof. Our chat #THchat trended worldwide!

How surreal is that? Thank you so much everyone for your participation and amusing questions. Yes, @colorlessblue, I promise I will add writing a bunyip book to my list.1

In other Team Human news here’s the very droll trailer:

I love the Vampires Are Wrong bloke. He has the best voice ever.

If you missed out on today’s Twitter chat you can always join a chat between me, Sarah Rees Brennan and Scott Westerfeld at this coming Sunday evening in the USA (Monday morning in Australia).

Sunday July 8
8PM US-ET (5PM Pacific Time, 10AM Monday AUS-ET)

We’ll be discussing what it’s like to collaborate on a novel. Click here to find out more.

Oh, and Team Human was boingled today!

You can read the first chapter of Team Human here. In the USA it is available in all electronic formats. In Australia it’s available in many formats. Full details here.

Happy book birthday, Team Human! May you stay in print a really, really long time!

  1. My list of books to write is really long. I make no guarantees I will get around to it. []


  1. Miriam Forster on #

    HOORAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! *throws birthday confetti*

  2. Lucy on #

    Yay! Congrats! Quick question though, does your “everywhere” mean that it will not be released in the UK? Because I’ve preordered it on amazon, but if it’s not going to be released here, I could be waiting a loooong time for that, and I’d rather cancel it and order it from elsewhere!

  3. Justine on #

    Miriam Forster: Thank you!

    Lucy: We did not sell rights in the UK. However, in the past Forbidden Planet has always imported my books. Looks like Amazon UK is selling the US version so I imagine your preorder is on its way to you right now.

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