Team Human

My previous book was an anthology, Zombies v Unicorns, which I edited with Holly Black. Since we managed to do that without killing each other I decided it was time for me to collaborate on a whole novel and sought out a willing partner in crime. Sarah Rees Brennan stepped up to the plate even though she knows nothing about baseball (or cricket, for that matter, or any sport really) and we wrote Team Human.

Not really.

The whole thing was an accident. We were idly wondering what it would be like if your best friend was dating a vampire and somehow found ourselves writing a whole novel from the point of view of Mel Duan whose best friend Cathy falls in love with a vampire. I never thought we’d actually finish it, let alone sell it. Yet here it is.

You can read the first chapter here. And more about our collaboration here. And if you have questions about the book you can ask them here.

Team Human is published by Allen & Unwin in Australia and by Harper Collins in the USA.