A day in Surry Hills (Updated)

Last February, my friend Sarah Dollard visited us in Sydney on her way from Melbourne to Cardiff where she works on the tellie show, Merlin. Yes, she’s very cool.

Larks were had. Most especially on the 16th of Feb, which was a glorious sunny day unlike today in NYC which is cold and rainy. We went for a long walk around Surry Hills, the neighbourhood I live in. Sarah took many photographs. She is most excellenter taker of photos. Looking at them makes me very homesick indeed. *Sigh*

Update: For those wanting to know exactly where in Surry Hills these photos were taken I urge you to wander around the streets and lanes and find them for yourself. I guarantee you’ll find other sights and buildings that are even cooler. Surry Hills has some of my favourite graffitti and stencil art in the world. For those of you who aren’t in Sydney there’s always google maps.

Here are some of my favourites:

I love the wabi-sabi-ness of this building.

Surry Hills is where a lot of wholesale fashion is made and traded. This shows the backs of some of the warehouses.

I love the Readers Digest buiding (it’s now a college for the hotel industry) it’s so weird.

Typical Sydney terraces. Love them SO MUCH. (Though they’re often too dark and damp to live in.)

Clearly the shopping trolleys are attempting to board the boat. Trolley pirates?

Is statue not person. No need to worry about them jumping.

My favourite street in Surry Hills. We calls it Cat Lane. The reason why is not obvious in this photo. Has won many awards for best streetscape.

Now with actual cats!

One of the residents told us there were twelve cats in residence and told us all their names but I has forgotten them. Sorry.

A fabrics wholesaler.

Our lunch. Oh, how I miss Cafe Mint.

Thanks for the photos, Sarah!


  1. Maureen Johnson on #

    I do not mean to make this about ME, but February 16th is my birthday, and it is a COLD DAY. It often snows. Your reports of warm weather and sunny skies are therefore mistaken.

  2. Justine on #

    No, sadly it is your life that is mistaken. You chose wrong hemisphere. Isn’t my home beautiful?

  3. Maureen Johnson on #

    I still think this must be wrong. I will have to go there next February 16th and see for myself.

  4. Justine on #

    If that is the only way to prove the truth to you so be it.

  5. Jude on #

    You went from autumn to spring, a difficult transition for anyone. But here’s a New Math post that puts a useful spin on things: http://www.morenewmath.com/160/april/

  6. Lizabelle on #

    Aaaah, thank you for these photos! My favourite place in Sydney, and these pics capture its essence so well. (I live by the beach, and it’s beautiful, but my heart belongs to the city.)

  7. Justine on #

    Lizabelle: Sarah’s a most excellent photographer. I’m grateful she let me post these.

    I’m jealous that you can go to Surry Hills any time you want! You could be there RIGHT NOW.

  8. Judith Ridge on #

    Fantastic photos, Justine. Kitteh Lane, eh! And I love that shot of the back of the warehouses, how the footpath and walls have sort of adapted around each other. (Not a writer, clearly, or I’d have expressed that better!)

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