A request for those with Liar ARCs

I know I said a while back that I would no longer be linking to reviews of my books. I’m making an exception today for the the very first review of Liar because I’m so grateful that Jenn Hartley’s review contains no spoilers. Bless you, Jenn.

Liar is the most complicated book I’ve written to date. It’s my first attempt at a psychological thriller and contains many twists and turns. I’m convinced that reading it will be a lot more interesting if you don’t know any of them ahead of time. I’d be really grateful if those of you who have an advanced copy would keep those reversals and surprises to yourself. If you’re bursting to talk about it you can always email me. Or Maureen Johnson she’s read it.

I know some people love to be spoiled but maybe you could just whisper a few spoilers in their ears rather than post it on your blogs? I really would be ever so grateful.

Thank you!


  1. Lauren on #

    Now, I’m even more intrigued!

  2. Justine on #

    Excellent! That’s what we’re going for!

  3. libba on #

    Would not spoil fantabulous book with spoilers. Would be worse than wearing white shoes after Labor Day.

  4. Maureen Johnson on #

    Will not tell anyone the book is about a [removed by Blog Overlord who’s really cranky with MJ right now] who go around ripping off [more intervention from cranky Blog Overlord] . . . only to find that they are [and again with the spoilage!] who just [how could you?!] all the other players and the dealer and [Blog Overlord weeps!] all the money. Which they cannot spend, because they are [does our friendship mean nothing?!].

    Your secret is safe with me! [RIGHT!]

  5. Maureen Johnson on #

    Oh, and the part where Jesus comes back as Elvis? And everyone gets a clone of Tallulah Bankhead? And the chapter you wrote that’s really all about ME? NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.

  6. Justine on #

    Blog Overlord is curled up in foetal position crying, unable to believe your betrayal.

    As for me I does not even know what to say. Why can’t you be more like Libba?

    *goes to join Blog Overlord*

  7. Maureen Johnson on #

    What? I mean, Liar is 42nd Street meets Jaws by way of Nights in Rodanthe . . . but NO ONE is going to hear that from me!

  8. Justine on #

    Maureen: You wants to be banned from blog, doesn’t you?

    Everyone else, AVERT YOUR EYES! Do not read MAUREEN JOHNSON’S LIES!!!

  9. Judith Ridge on #

    Looking forward to the book, Justine—especially as it looks like an excellent example of the unreliable narrator for my students! (Yes, yes, everything’s just potential teaching material…)

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