In Houston

Me and Scott are in Houston for TLA (Texas Library Association). Tis much warmer than NYC. W00t! Also we’ll get to hang out with many teen librarians.1 Always a good thing.

Another w00t worthy thing: I have just learned that the ARC (advances readers’ copies) of Liar have made it to TLA. Yee hah!2 I have not actually seen it myself. So I’m eager to get my hands on a copy. Well, not eager so much as afraid. I know I’ll just open it up and go, “Crap. Typo. Also that section really doesn’t belong there. I need to move it. Another typod. Also I’m not sure this minor character’s got the right name. Perhaps I should have called them Rexford? What was I thinking! Crap. Yet another typo. And another.” Etc.

But I’m excited that people who aren’t my agent, friends, or publishers will soon be having a squizz at it. Liar is unlike anything I’ve ever written before and especially not like How To Ditch Your Fairy. Thus I am dead curious to see how people respond. I hope no one throws things at me.

Admin note: Sorry for everyone whose comments were held up in moderation yesterday. Wifi access was sketchy. I believe I have set everyone’s comment free at this time. Let me know if you still can’t find yours.

  1. To be clear, I mean librarians who specialise in books, manga, anime, etc for teenagers, rather than librarians who are teenagers. []
  2. I am in Texas, after all. Though maybe it’s not spelled “yee hah”. That looks wrong. []


  1. joann on #

    “Yee hah!” is indeed the canonical spelling.

  2. Justine on #

    joann: Phew!

  3. Todd on #

    yeeeeeeeeeeeee hah indeed.

  4. Becca on #

    I’d have to say “yee haw!” (And I was born in Texas, for what it’s worth)

  5. Amber on #

    I wish I could be there. I am excited about reading your Liar book when it comes out. I was just thinking of it last night when I thought of people in real life who lie.

  6. Diana Peterfreund on #

    Ooh! Liar ARCs! Any other ARCs of note?

  7. Shveta on #

    I used to live in Houston, and we spelled it “yee haw!” *grin*

  8. Shveta on #

    P.S. Excited about Liar!

  9. Julia Rios on #

    Perhaps I should have called them Rexford?

    Hee! I have thought long and hard on the subject, and come to the conclusion that Rexford Tugwell is a perfect hedgehog name. Rexford Tugwell the hedgehog. It fits, doesn’t it? But I suppose the Liar book doesn’t have any hedgehogs in, so you’re probably okay with whatever other name you picked.

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