You does not have to read my books + interview + assorted other stuff

I am noticing an odd phenomenon: Readers of this blog apologising for not reading my books.

Please don’t!

I do not write this blog to get people to read my books.1

I write it cause it’s fun and because I’m shockingly opinionated—seriously there is NOTHING I don’t have an opinion about2—and I like to share. Blog writing is the most relaxing fun writing I do.3

It saddens me if any of you are feeling guilty about not reading my books. Put that guilt away. You are excused from ever reading them. So no more apologies, okay?4

In other news an interview with me can be found here. Thanks for the great quessies, Cynthia.

Brooke Taylor is giving a copy of How to Ditch Your Fairy away for Faery Week of her Monster Month of Giveaways.

Bloomsbury’s HTDYF contest also continues. There are several different prizes but I think this one’s best: $150 gift certificate to Forever 21.

Shortly, I am off to Toronto. If you’re there come see me and Scott Monday:

Monday, 27 October, 7:00PM-8:00PM
Indigo Bookstore
Yorkdale Mall
3401 Dufferin Street
Toronto, Ontario

  1. Ewww! []
  2. Ask me about wolves some time. Or chewing gum. Or musicals. Or corks. []
  3. Way better than smelly novels. []
  4. But do read E. Lockhart’s Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks or Coe Booth’s Kendra or The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner. []


  1. pixelfish on #

    I’ve read half your books. (Still trying to get the other ones from the library whilst I am poor and unemployed.)

    Still feel guilt…a little. 🙂

  2. Justine on #

    pixelfish: Stop it immediately!

    Also reading mine (or anyone else’s) books from a library is a very good thing for authors. Never apologise for reading library books!

  3. LTC on #

    I (heartheartheart) Eugenides. 😀 (from the Thief of course)

  4. Tim on #

    Well funnily enough it was reading your blog that made me want to read your books! Not out of some sense of guilt though. I originally came here from Scott’s page and found your blog so ridiculously entertaining that I thought “if her blog can be this good I wonder what her books are like?!” Same thing happened with John Green and Maureen Johnson actually.

    That said, I wouldn’t have read all of the MoM series if I didn’t like it, and I’m waiting until HTDYF comes out in Aus so I can buy it.

    I think author blogs are a really good thing. In the eyes of the greater-public they turn you into real people as opposed to word-factories in some far off land. It’s also humorous to watch the development of your books (albeit from afar) and then having the chance to read them.

  5. Katie on #


  6. Gabrielle on #

    I bought HTDYF yesterday. 😀 At a Barnes & Noble where I went to for an event with John Green. It was a pretty awesome night. Also got Bogus to Bubbly by Scott, of course, Skinned by Robin Wasserman, and Paper Towns. Duh! Anyway, I am quite happy with my shopping spree. ^^

  7. Nicholas Waller on #

    What about corks? For a while I’ve been pulling corks from wine bottles and dumping them in a kitchen drawer, but then the drawer filled up and so now they’re all in a bag. What should I do with them?

    The pace of corking has slowed as most wine bottles I get now are screwtop. (Maybe you disapprove of screwtop wine, in which case I shouldn’t have mentioned it…)

  8. Hillary! on #

    I loved Megan Whalen Turner’s trilogy!
    And, really, did Maureen Johnson throw her iphone out the window? And what’s the “Magick Dreams Sticker Journal”?

  9. mb on #

    Gen and Attolia love!

  10. PixelFish on #

    Okay…the guilt ceases now.

  11. biblio on #

    Megan Whalen Turners books are Made of Awesome.

  12. Bee on #

    Attolia and Gen ROCK! Oh, and mwt, of course.

    I agree with Tim. I also found your blog through scott’s and I decided I mustmustmust read your books because your blog was so entertaining.

    Aw..for once, a YA author is having an event in Canada but it’s still too far for me to go to.

  13. Jade on #

    Just a note for anyone else who loves MWT’s novels–there’s a livejournal community for them at . Yay Attolia! Yay Gen!

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