Some questions

Why does Pat Buchanan yell all the time?

Also where does he find his ties?

How come the majority of people are incapable of replacing an empty toilet roll with a full one?

Is there anyone more charming than Rachel Maddow?

Is this election ever going to end?

And, um, what am I going to do with myself when it’s over?

Am I the only one who doesn’t think the money spent on Palin and family’s clothes, hair, and make up is that big a deal?1

I’ve been living in NYC too long, haven’t I?

Don’t answer that!

I have never spent 150k on clothes. I’d kind of like to. Yes, I know it’s wrong. I’ve just always wanted a Vivienne Westwood ballgown . . .

  1. Ask me what I think of the Alaskan governor’s policy on wolves. That I think is a VERY big deal. []


  1. Michelle on #

    Well, I’ve heard that Pat Buchanan has a tie-finding fairy. Not sure about the yelling, though.

  2. Kelly McCullough on #

    I would think the clothes issue much less of a big deal if it wasn’t a direct violation of a campaign law written by John (expletive deleted) McCain. In the big scheme of things its a minor stain in a vasty sea of slime, but it’s emblematic of the greater travesty.

  3. jennifer, aka literaticat on #

    yah, I mean, how could you AVOID spending that much money when you have to dress fancy in a big hurry? hello, what is she going to do, go to the TJMAXX in Poughkeepsie or something?

  4. sara z. on #

    The clothes money thing doesn’t bother me, either. I’ve always kind of assumed none of them are paying out of pocket for their fancy duds.

  5. Valerine on #

    I’m with Kelly about Palin’s wardrobe. When I found that it was coming from the public financing account, I was incensed.
    I’ve wondered the same thing about Pat Buchanan. I have trouble listening to him when he yells.
    I heart Rachel Maddow, too.

  6. Ted Lemon on #

    Pat Buchanan is an old guy, probably hard of hearing, and doesn’t realize how loud he talks. Also, he’s a demagogue.

    Replacing toilet paper rolls before they are empty is inefficient. What is efficient is to have a hopper with three or four toilet paper rolls behind and to the left of the toilet, and to replace the toilet paper roll as needed. Also, many toilet paper roll holders are stupidly designed so that it takes two hands to load them. When we built our house we made sure to get only the one-handed kind.

    Who is Rachel Maddow?

    The election is going to end in two weeks. Vote if you can. Coerce someone else into voting if you can’t.

    You’re going to relax when it’s over. You’re going to get back to your life. Or, should things go particularly badly, you’re going to flee in disgust.

    Spending that kind of money on clothes was poor judgment from a political perspective. It really cuts up the Joe Sixpack attack. Joe Sixpack still owes that much on his mortgage. If you have that much money to spend on clothes, and you don’t spend it to make the world a better place instead, it’s a statement that you’re willing to accept the current state of the world. On the other hand, everyone should have a $150k wardrobe tailored to them. It would make the world a more beautiful place. So it’s a complicated issue. :’)

    And there is no such thing as living in NYC too long. It’s a privilege, one which should lead you to bow down and thank your housing fairy from the bottom of your heart for your good fortune. But if you can do it, mazeltov. Enjoy it, and tell us about it so we can live vicariously through you. God, I miss New York sometimes. :’)

  7. sara z. on #

    Well, as I understand public financing, they get a chunk of money to spend how they please and that’s it, no more money. Is it worse to spend it on wardrobe than on an attack add or a million robo-calls? That’s 150k less they have to spend on attacking Obama.

  8. Brent on #

    Why does Pat Buchanan yell all the time? – It’s part of his “I’m-an-angry-man-so-take-my-side-or-else” image. I think it’s a required course in the second year of Athletics Coach school as well.

    How come the majority of people are incapable of replacing an empty toilet roll with a full one? – The 5th Amendment is there for a reason.

    Is there anyone more charming than Rachel Maddow? – You.

    Is this election ever going to end? – THIS one yes, the drama that goes with USian elections, *sigh* never.

    And, um, what am I going to do with myself when it’s over? – Find yourself in a world less friendly to nice people that aren’t rich?

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think the money spent on Palin and family’s clothes, hair, and make up is that big a deal? – Nope. Politicians waste huge amounts of public money all the time in the US. Palin’s wardrobe is small-time.

    I’ve been living in NYC too long, haven’t I? – Obviously. Move to Michigan. You’ll hate it (for reasons mostly having to do with cars and long drives) but I’ll make sure you get invited to all the local SF cons. 🙂

  9. Lauren on #

    I have no problem with the RNC spending lots of money on clothes. I just don’t see $150,000 worth of swank there. I think her suits are middling at best.

    As for Buchanan, it’s simple. When you’re a right wing idealogue it goes like this:

    1) form opinion
    2) interpret reality to conform with above
    3) stick head in sand
    4) when challenged, restate opinion
    5) yell

  10. niki on #

    what you really should be asking about Palin’s wardrobe is why no clothes designer has sponsored her outfits….

  11. Shloopy on #

    My reply to question number three: My sister has a never-running-out-of-toilet-paper fairy. It never fails.

  12. Ariel Zeitlin Cooke on #

    I’m with you on the clothing thing, Justine. Not that I like Palin–God, no!–but can you really expect a woman to bargain hunt for a vice presidential run with 2 weeks notice? It’s a costume.

  13. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    I only think the money Palin spends on her clothes is a big deal in light of the fact that she’s trying to paint herself as a working class hockey mom. Sort of blows her cover, eh?

    I miss New York, though. Run by Daffy’s and say hi for me?

    And I love Rachel Maddow. She is so smart, and so classy. We watch her a few times a week and I spend the whole time just reiterating how classy I think she is. TV needs more class.

  14. caroline on #

    I’m so glad you mentioned Sarah Palin’s clothes!! I mean seriously, what would the press do if she went out and bought a bunch of cheap stuff? That would be disrespectful to the American people. I mean, it’s not just Americans who are watching this election, either-the whole world is! Asian countries are especially picky about clothes and how you present yourself. If Palin wore a bunch of super cheap stuff, or wore clothes that went along with her “hockey mom” image, would people give her the same amount of respect? Many Asians would look down on her. She’s representing us Americans so I’m personally glad she’s dressed the way she is.
    I’m not saying that this is right. I know we shouldn’t judge people by appearences etc. but that’s how the world is, isn’t it?

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