I am happy (Updated)

The WNBA has handed down the suspensions for Tuesday’s brawl. I know many are unhappy about the lenience towards Candace Parker in particular. But for extremely selfish reasons I am very very very glad. Because this means I get to see her play on Friday. Woo hoo!

What’s making me cranky is the total absence of anything said about the abysmal refs. Where’s their punishment?

Update: Though I’ll admit I am very nervous about Leslie and Parker being so rested before we play then in the Garden.


  1. Hillary! on #

    What’s wrong with them being rested? Shouldn’t that be a good thing? What withe them being properly rested and full of stamina?

  2. Justine on #

    If LA’s good players are well-rested than it will be harder for my New York team to beat them. We prefer them knackered. I’m all for my team being well-rested, which they will be.

  3. Dave on #

    She’s an amazing player, that’s for sure.

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