Quick stuff

I may not be blogging so much for the next few weeks. I is busy. Plus book still not writing itself. But here’s some links for youse:

  • Maureen weighs in on the should-you-major-in-creative-writing-for-your-undergraduate-degree debate and manages (as usual) to be both funny and wise.
  • Rethinking basketball, my new fave WNBA blog, talks about last night’s Detroit-LA brawl. I disagree that it will have a negative effect on attendance, but I do worry that they’ll wind up over-officiating games to make up for last night’s shoddy under officiating.
  • Publishers Weekly has named How To Ditch Your Fairy one of the wackiest Fall titles they’ve come across more specifically it’s the “Least Practical DIY Guide”. Via way too many folks to thank all of ’em.

You may have noticed I haven’t gotten around to answering all those excellent quessies for my FAQ. It will happen! In the meantime feel free to hit me with more quessies.

And now I must write book while listening to the Liberty defeat the Mystics.


  1. David Moles on #

    what, the reviewer has a fairy to get rid of and didn’t like your advice?

  2. Justine on #

    The instructions in the book are very explicit. I think the reviewer’s just a bit thick. Is most practical How To book ever written!

  3. hillary! on #

    I thought it made sense. Just, you know, un-appetizing. I wonder what fairy I have? I think it’s the “Read Really Fast Fairy And Still Get All The Awesomeness” fairy.

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