1. anonymous on #

    is your deadline over?

  2. Kadie-Wa on #

    *gasp* Pretty!!!!!

  3. Jelly-wa on #

    Its like a alien. pretty!!!

  4. Justine on #

    Anonymous: Alas no. But as it’s 6:30 on a Saturday night I decided I could down tools for a bit.

    Kadie-wa & Jelly-wa: Isn’t it gorgeous?!

  5. shloopy on #

    Holy crap. It is mind-boggling.
    Passionfruit = yum!

  6. kelly g on #

    “that looks like it eats children. very pretty!!!”

    Um. yeah, i guess if you’re into that sort of thing. that flower kind of makes me feel alone in a world of incomprehensible strangeness. but beautiful strangeness. i think.

  7. Kadie-Wa on #

    Shloopy, ohhh, those flowers make passion fruit.

  8. Danica on #

    I think I have a new favourite flower!

  9. Rebecca on #

    that is beautiful. never seen a flower like that before. 🙂

  10. Patrick, the Space Lord on #

    well, uh, I’m not saying I find things that eat children pretty.

  11. shloopy on #

    Kadie-wa: Any type of flower is mind-boggling if you are isolated in a foot of snow and cloudy weather for an extended amount of time. I love passionfruit!

  12. Kenina-chan on #

    Actually we have 3 inches of ice pellets (not snow) on the ground. All night I thought there was a mouse eating my caramel chocolate kisses because it sounded like the wrappers were scratching together. But, no, it was (and still is) merely the sound of ice pellets striking the side of the house.

    And the passionfruit flower made me smile. I will try to schedule for the sun to make an appearance today, but I think it is having a sick day. : (

  13. Liset on #

    This scares me…
    but that purple is very pretty.

    i just recently bought a venus fly trap!
    it kinda scares me too…

    maybe i’m just scared of plants?

  14. emily on #

    that flower is uber pretty, and the definition of super special awesomeness. also, it looks like a very cool alien. i want one!

  15. janet on #

    oh wow. a triffid.

  16. kris on #

    i love passion flowers. they remind me of my oma; she had a pressed one at her house when i was little. 🙂 quite pretty colors and a strange little tenticle-type center.

  17. Steve Buchheit on #

    Pretty flower, excellent fruit, but I also have to agree, it looks like it wants to reach out and eat me.

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