Deadlines, polls, a question answered etc

My deadline is still not met. Many obstacles keep piling up to keep me from it. I will not list them all since they are boring as well as annoying but one of them involves my webmistress duties.

Until the deadline is vanquished there will be only sketchy posting here. I will also continue to not answer email, the phone, courier pigeons, or smoke signals. Sorry! Though if you do hear from me and I haven’t achieved deadline vanquishment you should yell at me to get back to work.

I will try to put up an occasional poll so you don’t all die of boredom. Feel free to complain about them in the comments. Yes, I am referring to you, Mr Eric Luper. Which reminds me to mention that I can see when someone votes from multiple machines. Nice try, Eric. Your jerboas still lost despite half their votes coming from you!

The latest poll may reflect this Aussie girl’s state of mind on finding herself far from home not long after a momentous election in weather colder than anything she ever experienced at home in Sydney. I would sell my left knee to have a meal at Spice I Am right now . . .

Regarding the previous post some people wanted to know whether not having an oven is de rigeur in New York City. I have seen flats here that have no kitchen at all and yet I still believe most flats in New York City come equipped with ovens. However, some of those do not work. One such is the oven in this flat. The oven does not work, nor does the grill, but three of the burners on the cook top function. (Mostly.) I suspect this may be typical of New York City flats . . .

For those who are annoyed that my “How To Rewrite” post still hasn’t gone up. A quick tip: when thinking about structure some writers find Shakespeare’s five acts the way to go. Or you could try the standard Hollywood three-act model. Or you could just wing it.

For those annoyed that I haven’t written about manga lately. I endorse The Drifting Classroom.


  1. capt. cockatiel on #

    I kind of like being 100% of the votes… and I am not even from Australia. (:

  2. Justine on #

    You have skewed my poll! So were you answering it as if you were an Australian? Because I can’t imagine anyone from Seattle missing the weather . . .

  3. Kaleb on #

    Drat those pesky deadlines….

  4. hereandnow on #

    Poor old Justine. Hang in there!

    If only there was a way to parcel up sunshine and mangosteens and red duck curry served in a coconut without seriously pissing off australia post . . .

  5. capt. cockatiel on #

    Oh yes. I answered as if I were Australian. I would not want to intentionally… ruin the poll. I also would have asked my good Australian friend what he would miss, but he was not there to ask. So I just imagined his answer. Long story short, I’m sure if I were from Australia I would miss the weather most. It has got to be loads better than Seattle’s weather right now. Bleh.

  6. Justine on #

    Kaleb: Indeed.

    Hereandnow: Stupid Australia Post!

    Capt. Cockatiel: No worries. I was just amused at the idea of anyone in Seattle saying they missed the weather.

  7. capt. cockatiel on #

    justine: If someone in Seattle missed the weather I would be extremely surprised. Anyone in their right mind should run far, far away from this weather. If I could, I would. ^_^

  8. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    I miss it all, and I’ve never even been to Australia. But between you and my dear Australian pen-pal (hi, Aimee!), I’m quite sure it is a place well worth missing.


  9. Robert Legault on #

    If anyone understands about deadlines, I do. Good luck with the “death march”; I just got out of several back-to-back, and may be headed for another if I have too much fun instead of knuckling under.

    As for ovens in New York apartments:

    Most apartments have an oven of some sort. (Those that don’t often make do with a cheap, battered toaster oven for the odd bagel or two.

    However, many ovens are effectively nonfunctional for one reason or another, such as being switched off for having a leaky pilot light, being so caked with grease that they set off the smoke detector every time you turn them up above “warm,” or being stuffed with dirty pots and pans, old manuscripts, books, drugs, etc. Never turn on a New York oven without looking inside it first. And then, when you do turn it on, prepare for the rush of suddenly dispossessed cockroaches–or worse.

    All in all, going out for pizza is a much better idea.

  10. Rebecca on #

    i’ze not aussie so i can’t do the poll, but my aussie friend jess says “family and friends,” which i agree wholeheartedly with. that is what i would miss most if i were somewhere else. although, the weather might be nicer. i know i have no right to complain, seeing as south and central texas have quite mild winters compared to other places, but i’d still rather be wearing my shorts and t-shirts. except for scarves. i like scarves.
    keep hacking away at that deadline! 😀

  11. Rebecca on #

    i just remembered something totally random: did you ever get cowboy boots?

  12. Eric Luper on #

    First of all, it was my receptionist who voted for the jerboa from her desk at my office. Once I told her the jerboa was in jeopardy, she logged right on.

    Anyhow, multiple votes (if they had occurred) are nothing compared to some of the atrocities you committed during the poll.

    so remember, whenever you point your finger at someone else, there are three more pointing back at yourself.

    (or something like that)

  13. Lizzy-wa on #

    i havent been on in a while…

    wanted to tell you that you need to post more about your faerie book. hehe. i love that spelling. fairy seems…fairytaleish. but faerie seems all magestic and sly. different spellings are appropriate for different settings. which spelling do you use in your book?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😕

  14. marrije on #

    good luck with the deadlines horror! will be thinking of you.

    and don’t worry about the rewrite post, at least not on my account: i printed the first draft of my nano novel, and am currently unable to do more with it. since ohmygod the embarrassment of the thing, aaaargh.

    *and is dead*, as elizabeth bear might say

  15. Justine on #

    lizzy-wa: I’ll be posting heaps more about the Fairy book as soon as the cover is finalised. But in the meantime it’s definitely “fairy” not “faery” in my book. My fairies are invisible and are not even slightly majestic. They’re very silly.

    Marrije, not to worry several others have been expressing their keen-ness to see the “How to rewrite” post. I’m pretty sure you’ve only mentioned it once.

    Most people’s first drafts are shocking. Mine certainly are.

  16. Rebecca on #

    marrije, i so totally know what you mean. for the 2nd year in a row, i haven’t even bothered to print or read over my nano novel. it’s that bad. le sigh. 😛

  17. Maureen on #

    I don’t think you have been sufficiently praised for bringing Scott’s site back to life!

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