New Poll (updated)

Because Eric Luper had the temerity to suggest that quokkas are not the cutest animals on the planet I have devised a new poll. It goes up exactly a day after the last one which I successfully managed not to break—so you were all wrong. Yay, me!

I like having polls but I definitely need less buggy WordPress compatible software.

The “How To Rewrite” post will go up as soon as I, um, finish, the book what I have to rewrite . . . And the manga/manhwa/graphic novels one not long after that. Promise!

Update: Eric Luper jinxed me into breaking the poll! Oh noes. Oh well, at least the quokkas were ahead. But I had planned to leave it up for a few days. And I am too deadline addled to come up with a new one. Stupid crappy poll software! Stupid deadlines!

And now it turns out the poll is not broken. That’s it! I’m backing away from the intramanets, leaving the polls alone, and becoming a rabbit farmer.


  1. Lydia on #

    Well I went for quokkas… but it was hard. The jerboas are really adorable too. But mice freak me out a bit. I like something a little bigger.

  2. Rebecca on #

    cutest little hoppity creature ever!!

    and while i am from florida, i live in new york right now. so i understand your suffering (my fingers are close to frozen right now). while i’m not a big ourdoorsy person, i am very satisfied to know that when i’m home in florida there is SUN outside my window. it makes me exponentially happy to know that the sun is there ready to shine down on me. but i like the air conditioning more than most folks. i don’t actually like being hot…

    but the storms are nice!

    good luck revising!

  3. kim on #

    me don’t like capuchin monkeys because of the movie night at the musuem.

  4. Eric Luper on #

    Puhhh-leeeze. Having a poll about quokkas on your blog is like having a poll in South Florida about whether or not you like the early-bird special. Not to mention that you put quokkas at the very top of your list and jerboas at the very bottom.

    Proceed Justine, but know that it is under protest…

  5. Eric Luper on #

    Not to mention the 8 1/2 x 11 photo of the quokka right next to the poll. Do I see equal time for the jerboa? nowhere!!! You are a scoundrel!

  6. Miss Erin on #

    I love quokkas!! Jerboas are cute and funny and freaky, but quokkas win hands-down!

  7. Justine on #

    Eric: My blog, my rules! Run your own poll!

    Though I’d like to point out this is how many polls are run. 🙂 Why in Australia we had a whole referendum on getting rid of the monarchy that was much more rigged.

  8. Patrick, The Space Lord on #

    j.o.u.s.? jerboas of unusual size? I don’t think they really exist.

  9. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    Oh, gosh it was close. I am near-obsessed with all things tiny, but quokkas are so furry and wallaby-ish! And they’re small, too, if not quite so small as jerboas.


  10. hereandnow on #

    i would just like to note that I voted for the sloth, but only under sufferance. my smalldog is much cuter than *all* of those animals.

    however sloths are pretty awesome. from the wikipedia entry:

    Sloths’ claws serve as their only natural defense. A cornered sloth may swipe at its attackers in an effort to scare them away or wound them. Despite sloths’ apparent defenselessness, predators do not pose special problems: in the trees sloths have good camouflage and, moving only slowly, do not attract attention . . . They are particularly partial to nesting in the crowns of palm trees where they can camouflage as coconuts. They come to the ground to urinate and defecate only about once a week. Infant sloths normally cling to their mother’s fur, but occasionally fall off. Sloths are very sturdily built and rarely die from a fall . . . Females normally bear one baby every year, but sometimes sloths’ lack of movement actually keeps females from finding males for longer than one year.

    That’s just cool.

    . . . here ends ‘fun facts about sloths’.

  11. Liset on #

    i like cockapoos!!!!
    and pikachu!!!

    but uhm… sloths scare me… I have a sloth! My nina adopted one at a zoo under my name…

  12. dragonfly on #

    you should not be a rabbit farmer. you should be a quokka farmer.

  13. Rebecca on #

    there are no kittens or baby rats* on that poll so i do not know how to decide. 😉

    is it bad that i have to google two of those animals just to know what they are?

    p.s. i think the comment preview whatsit has died.

    * domesticated ones, mind you. i’m not too big on the wild rats, though they can be cute sometimes.

  14. e. Lockhart on #

    I voted for the jerboa. sorry. But then, me likey unicorns, so you know we have different taste.
    but are we having lunch at some point?

  15. Eric Luper on #

    E. I am a zombie guy all the way, but I’m glad we are in solidarity over the jerboa. And we do have the same initials, which maybe means something.

  16. Justine on #

    Rebecca: I upgraded the preview plug-in with the result that it stopped functioning. When deadline is met I will try to fix.

    E. & Eric: Also you both share the distinction of being banned from this blog! Jerboas, indeed.

  17. Sali on #

    Why aren’t red pandas in the list? I like red pandas. While quokkas are supercute, red pandas are cuter.

    I thought a jerboa was a plant but on reflection I was probably thinking of a gerbera.

  18. marrije on #

    my resident cute animals guy just walked in when i was looking at the quokka (uh-oh!) and he says yes, definitely cute. i quickly had to show him oodles of cuteoverload-kitties & such so he won’t fall in love with the quokka and make us move to australia after all. so far so good. please don’t let on about it being summer in aus. at the moment.

  19. e. Lockhart on #

    you won’t really ban me
    you adore me
    besides, I am firmly opposed to stirrup pants and shrugs

  20. Eric Luper on #

    I also have never worn stirrup pants…and I don’t even know what a shrug is.

  21. Dess on #

    where is this poll you speak of? *looks around site* i think it’s hiding from me.

  22. Laura on #

    Eww…armadillos? Have the people who voted for them *seen* armadillos? (armadilloes?)

  23. Isabella on #

    Aww, that’s adorable!! ^^
    Armadillo. armadillo. armadillo is a really cool name <3

  24. calliope on #

    for me, it was a tough call between quokkas and jerboas, but in the end, i went with jerboas. sorry justine. they have the cutest name!

    also, i had to google jerboas and capuchin monkeys. is that bad?

  25. Mike on #

    You can’t see their nasty Freddy-Krueger like talons in that photo.

    I’ve only encountered quokkas once – on Rottnest Island, where they waylay cyclists in order to get food.

    One of them scratched my hand while grabbing some food, so paying heed to signposted warnings about salmonella in the local quokka population, I cycled around to the local nurse’s hut. I explained what had happened, and got this deadpan stare from her “oh poor diddums does we think we’re going to die?”

    I mumbled a protest about the sign, and she just indicated the sink “oh go wash your hands”.

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