1. Eric Luper on #

    Pavlovas? pavlovas? are you kidding me? black and white cookies are by FAR the best! You can keep your pavlova. I’m a black and white cookie guy all the way.

    although, we do not need to do a poll about this one. I’d hate to embarrass you.

    which gives me an idea for a great and original children’s book:

    if you give a jerboa a black and white cookie.

    it’ll sell millions!

  2. niki on #

    come on when was the last time you had pavolva ?? even when you were in aus!

    I think eric is fishing for another poll…

  3. jonathan on #

    people don’t have ovens in new york?

  4. jonathan on #

    mmm. pavlova. much niceer than quokkas, which are kinda ugly in the flesh, should you ever got to rottnest island where they live. the dutch didn’t call it ‘rat’s nest island’ for nothing. still. mmm. pavlova.

  5. Liset on #

    what *is* a passionfruit?
    it sounds sooo mysterious.
    and while i’m on the topic of unknown things…
    what the hell is a pavlova?

  6. Malcolm Tredinnick on #

    ooh .. pavlova, with passionfruits and everything. That’s a good idea. You should run this “Justine suggests a recipe” section more often. Now I know what I’m making tomorrow night. 🙂

  7. Diana on #

    I blogged about pavlova today too! How odd is that?

  8. Justine on #

    Niki: Last time I had pav was in May; last time I was back home.

    Jonathan: Oh, hush your mouth. I have seen quokkas in the flesh. They’re fabulous.

    Liset: Is your google broken?

    Diana: You know what pav is? That’s very odd!

  9. MooseGuy on #

    pavlova should always have peppermint crisp chocolate on top, or a similar item. ALWAYS. fruit is for the weak!

  10. Diana on #

    Justine, of course I do! I spent a Xmas in NZ, where all anyone would talk about was the great “is it aussie or is it kiwi” Pavlova debate. I ate SO MUCH pavlova… it’s the most delicious holiday dessert of all time!

  11. Liset on #

    wiki wiki wikipedia!

    apparently pavlova is named after a ballerina,
    thats kinda cool,
    and it looks yummy,
    kinda like a flan thingy.
    but the passionfruit looks gross…

  12. janet on #

    If I had an oven,
    I’d bake in the evening,
    I’d bake in the morning
    all over this land!
    I’d bake Pavlovas…
    I’d bake black and white cookies…
    I’d bake looove between my brothers and my sisters
    all over this la-a-and (oooh-woo-ooh-ooh).

  13. emily on #

    yay wikipedia! pavlovas look really yummy. i want one.
    and i’ve tried passion fruit once. it’s pretty awesome.
    but i have to say, straight-from-the-oven hot chocalate chip cookies beat pavlovas and black-and-white cookies.

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