Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson and other famous persons

One of the fabulous things about this tour is seeing how popular so many of my friends are.

At a book shop on the outskirts of Chicago I saw this:

City of Bones

I pointed it out to Scott. “Look! Someone here loves Cassie’s book. And they have a tonne of copies!” (There were more in piles above and below this book shelf.)

The bookseller who wrote that shelf talker overheard me:

“You know Cassie Clare?! Oh. My. God. I LOVED that book so much!!! She is a genius! I have loved her ever since I read her Secret Diaries!”

At a school in Walnut Creek, California lots of the kids had painted posters of their favourite books. The room was full of them:


I checked each one, looking for a book by one of my friends, and lo and behold what did I find?

Maureen Johnson’s Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes.

During tonight’s fabulous event at Copperfield books in Petaluma praise was heaped on Holly Black, Libba Bray, Cecil Castellucci, Cassie, Maureen, and Garth Nix. It was joyous to hear. And, yes, I was bad, I boasted about knowing them all!

Book tours are fun!


  1. Edwina on #

    I just read Cassandra C’s book, and I cannot wait for the next!

    I was in the bookstore, looking for a book to buy. I recoignised her name from your blog and decided to buy it based souly on that (and the fact the blurb sounded pretty cool)!

  2. The Bibliophile on #

    Not only that, but I can see Alison Croggon’s lovely series poking out in the bottom left hand corner! I think I owe my reading of The naming to one of your recommendations as well…thanks!

  3. Frank on #

    will you rub my head for luck? 😉

  4. Elodie on #

    Oh, I loved 13 little blue enveloppes! I never connected the book/author with the stories you mention about ms johnson XD

  5. Dawn on #

    Again, I must mention how insanely jealous I am that they’re all your friends. I love them all! I want to be friends with you all! It’s not fair sometimes.

    By the way, I know you’re touring and insanely busy, but you should watch John’s video for yesterday. There is a bit of a heated debate about zombies and Un****ns.

  6. Kadie-Wa on #

    Wow sweet!! I want to read one of her books now!

  7. Diana on #

    IN response to dawn…

    Wow. I don’t believe it. and I don’t believe the number of responses! Justine has really created a monster!

  8. capt. cockatiel on #

    Ooh. Is that a new Land of Elyon book I see off on the left? I’ll have to get that. Haha.
    I absolutely love City of Bones and Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes. They’re made of awesome.

  9. cassie on #

    aw. you are super-supportive boo-like person!

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