Still at DragonCon

I’m not quite sure what to make of DragonCon. It’s way bigger than any other con I’ve been to ever and, I gotta be honest, large crowds of people freak me out. And this place is nothing but huge crowds. On the other hand, the costumes are incredible.

Say hello to Mr Resident Evil 2:

oh my!
Photo by Scott


  1. chrisbarnes on #

    People do seem to put a lot of work into costumes over there. Less so at SF cons here in Oz, I think… I guess the cosplay crowd is mostly at anime cons. Also, seems like all Australian SF cons have this rule about “no weapons, not even toy ones”, which is understandable up to a point, but so many sf costumes call for ray guns and swords and such.

  2. Ally on #

    holy cow thats scary, i would have turned around and walked very slowly in the other direction
    I like the use of a belt for a shoulder strap. or at least i think its a belt.


  3. Gwenda on #

    The year I went, there was a Southern Baptist convention across the street, nearly of equal size. That part was awesome, watching them watching our hotel.

  4. Justine on #

    There are a lot of non con people who stand and stare. But I’m trying to imagine a Baptist convention staring. I boggle.

    What I’m finding weirdest is that every time we go out to dinner someone comes up to our table to ask us if we’re all from the big sci-fi convention. How can they tell? We’re not in costume! We’re just out and eating like normal folks . . .

  5. Patrick on #

    I want to see that guy go through airport security dressed like that.

  6. Mike on #

    “I have come to clean your pool.”

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