1. Gillian on #

    My uncle is Theo Black and has an Australia accent (a Melbourne one, though). All the two Theo Blacks need to do is swap identities.

  2. Karen on #

    maureen’s red eyes suit her costume.

  3. Patrick Shepherd on #

    When I first came to Australia I had a pronounced British accent. When I left, my accent was strongly Australian. These accents did not help me any with my classmates at each new school. Now I don’t have any.

  4. hillary! on #

    It looks like MJ is having waaaaaay! too much fun! Are you though?

  5. Dawn on #

    LOVE IT!!! Go MJ! 🙂 Thanks for posting this, Justine!

  6. Rebecca on #

    omg you must ask theo where he got that pulse pistol!!!! i need one! *jumps up and down* and the boots. how did he make those boots? or did he buy those? i must know these things. they are of the utmost importance. i wanna be aeryn sun for halloween. *squeal*

    and maureen looks so amazing!!!! those are the most awesome wonder woman boots ever!! 😀 did she do the spinning? i hope she did the spinning. hehehehe.

  7. Patrick on #

    Does this mean next DragonCon, Theo will join the cast of SG-1 as a former Goa’uld host? (Just like Claudia Black)

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