Some late-breaking news & a corrective

I just finished the first draft of the great Australian feminist young adult Elvis mangosteen monkey knife-fighting cricket fairy novel. Woo hoo!!!

Now all I have to do is rewrite it till it all makes sense. *rolls up sleeves* What larks!

And just to say: None of the points I made in the previous post refers to any writer who actually reads my blog. Okay? And, in fact, I’ve met very few writers who were so obnoxious I decided not to read them. Very very very few.

Remember the whole this-is-writ-ironical thing? I was just going for the laughs, folks.

I am a cross between Pollyanna and the monkey dude. I see, hear, smell, touch, and taste no evil. It’s all about the glad game. That’s just how we happy-go-lucky Sydney folks are.

Right now I’m really really really vastly hugely fully wholly glad that I finally found the end of my novel.

Jeeves? Some champagne, please!


  1. orangedragonfly on #

    yay for justine!!!!

    i must say, i quite look forward to this book! 😛

  2. margo on #

    Pop! Fizz! Clink! To your health!

  3. jennifer, aka literaticat on #

    ooh, I CAN’T WAIT!


    champagne for the little lady!

  4. lili on #


    (sound of applause)

  5. robin on #

    Amazing — congratulations!

  6. katerate on #

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay Justine! Congratulations times a thousand!

  7. Rebecca on #

    woohoo!! happiness and congratulations all around! i’m am quite happy for you!

  8. jonathan on #

    woot! top stuff. can’t wait to see the final elvis cricket fairy mangosteen novel. i think you deserve to give yourself time off to watch tonk-a-pom tonight to celebrate.

  9. Justine on #

    Thanks so much for all the kind words! I am dead chuffed!

    And now I truly am off to celebrate!

  10. CAAF on #

    bully & wooly marvelous!! congratulations and happy celebrating …

  11. Diana on #

    adding to the congratulations, lining up for my taste of the bubbly…

  12. marrije on #

    ooh, splendid, congratulations! i, too, am eagerly anticipating this novel, as i have no clue about what it’s all about. lying, probably. enjoy the celebrations!

  13. veejane on #

    When the time comes for other people making the cover decision I mean you getting listened to on the cover decision, make sure that the American edition gets a mangosteen on the cover, possibly with Elvis pompadour on top, because, the only reason I have ever heard of a mangosteen in my life is that you have one fighting fairy crickets with knives.

    (The back cover can have monkeys.)

  14. Tim Pratt on #

    Congrats on finishing the draft! Revising is fun.

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