Happiness is . . .

This post is dedicated to
my beloved father, John Bern,
because the novel I dedicated to him
has not found a publisher yet
and because
I think it will make him gag

Happiness is . . .

  • Finishing the first draft of a novel that was tonnes of fun to write, which means the rewrites are going to be even more fun.
  • Celebrating said finish by going out to see fabulous theatre (Keating at the Belvoir) with my parents, sister and husband.
  • Continuing the celebration with a wonderful meal at Tabou (best mussels ever!), drinking loads of champagne, and filling Scott in on all the stuff he missed in Keating: Gareth Evans, Eddie Mabo, Native Title and why Alexander Downer was in drag with fishnet stockings.
  • Coming home to discover that Bertelsmann Verlag has bought the German rights to Magic’s Child and will be publishing the whole trilogy in 2008 with two month gaps between each title. No annnoying waiting for the German readers.
  • Trying to decide whether to have a bit of a holiday in Ireland or Spain. Such a dilemma!

What all is making you lot happy? We happy peoples love company!


  1. Rebecca on #

    “I think it will make him gag”

    the post or the novel? 😛

    well, i for one am also happy that you’ve finished the novel, b/c that means i’m that much closer to reading it. otherwise, i’m kind of annoyed, b/c there is not a single bookstore in this bloody city that has either better than yesterday or tattoo in stock, even though they were both due out today. grr. what to do with negligent bookstores? but i’m happy that i survived my first three-hours-in-a-row class, and that i’m reading the boyfriend list, and that school is fun so far, and that maybe i’m going to ask someone out. (i think the boyfriend list is going to my head.)

  2. Diana on #

    oh, i’m so excited about germany!!!! woo hoo!

    and I scoff at your need for ‘vacation’ from your endless summer…

  3. sara z on #

    hooray you! disgruntled people like your company, too.

    but I do like my parakeet.

  4. margo on #

    All that and 3 nebula preliminary ballots in the family too. proud of youse both.
    Hugs, Margo.

  5. Maggie on #

    Congratulations, Justine! That’s all wonderful news! What makes me happy right now is having the house to myself and my husband and daughter back to work and school. Heh. Heh. 😀

  6. John Scalzi on #

    I’m happy that Justine and Scott are on the list for the Norton Award this year, with three nominations between them. And so far, they’re the only folks on the nomination list.

  7. marrije on #

    I’m happy about you netting germany, because the bertelsmanns are famously smart about picking hits, and the dutch publishers know this, so this makes it all the more likely that they will wake up and buy the magic trilogy already, translation troubles be damned. congratulations!!

  8. Justine on #

    Margo & Scalzi: Thanks! Dead happy, me!

    Marrije: My fingers are crossed though Bertelsmann bought the first two books ages ago . . .

  9. Little Willow on #

    My cat makes me happy.
    Being alive makes me happy.
    Being on stage makes me happy.

  10. lawence schimel on #

    There’s no questoin at all: ¡vacaciones en españa!

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