Yvette Christiansë

A dear, dear friend of mine, Yvette Christiansë, will be publishing her first novel, Unconfessed, later this year. I just realised that I’ve known Yvette for more than fifteen years now and have been admiring her writing for even longer. (My first coming across her brilliant poetry is a long story that I’ll reserve for Unconfesed‘s official publication date.) Anyways, I’ve been waiting for her first novel for ages and now it’s almost here.

While we wait for November to roll around, the 1 August issue of Kirkus Reviews has a starred review of Unconfessed, which drips with praise, culminating in this fabulous pull quote:

    A gorgeous, devastating song of freedom that will inevitably be compared to Toni Morrison’s Beloved. But it deserves to stand on its own.

How amazing is that? I’ve known a lot of fine writers in my life, but Yvette is a genius on a whole other level. While you’re waiting for Unconfessed to come out treat yourself to her extraordinary collection of narrative poems, Castaway. You won’t regret it.


  1. Linda Sue on #

    Wow. That’s quite a recommendation. I got that hair-standing-up-on-the-back-of-my-neck feeling, reading it.

    To hear about an extraordinary book I might otherwise have missed always feels to me like being given a gift. I will look forward to reading Unconfessed this fall. Thanks.

    Also enjoyed the comments on your ibarw post. One of my books is about how Asians and blacks get along here in the states. Or not. Something I’d wanted to write about all my life.

  2. Justine on #

    I’m so pleased you feel that way. That’s what I was aiming for! I’m truly not exaggarating. Yvette’s really that good.

    Which book? I’d love to read it.

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