Cheryl Morgan has reviewed Daughters of Earth at Emerald City. I think she likes it.

Amanda Coppedge has kindly started a Wikipedia entry on me. Thank you! One of the many smart things about Wikipedia is that you’re not allowed to write entries about yourself—that’s right, isn’t it?—or you know I woulda done it already.

Anyways if any of you feel like adding to the stub she has created, don’t forget to add my nobel peace prize, valiant service during the Spanish civil war, cricketing prowess, and invention of the mangosteen. You also might want to mention my previous marriages to Alida Valli, Cab Calloway, Gerard Phillipe (yeah, I know it only lasted two days, whatever) and Dorothy Dandridge.

So I’m thinking instead of the Great Australian cricket, Elvis, mangosteen fairy novel I might write one about a pathological liar. Whatcha reckon?


  1. niki on #

    with your experience I’d say go for it!

  2. Diana on #

    gosh, sounds like a great idea to me…

  3. Amirah on #

    i like mangosteens! =p and i finally found magic lessons in the store and loved it! yay for new books!

  4. marrije on #

    no no no, don’t write that book, i need the great aussie elvis mangosteen cricket fairy novel!

    so are you done yet with magic’s child? or are we not talking about that?

  5. Amanda Coppedge on #

    Yeah, I was tempted to embellish a little bit (raised by rogue ballerina-ninjas in a traveling circus, favorite hobby: coal-walking) but I stuck to the simple facts.

  6. John H on #

    yeah! that’s the ticket!

    (channeling tommy flanagan…)

  7. Dawn Cline on #

    Naaa…don’t write that…oh look!…I lied! Truthfully, it’s needed. I’m pretty hard core on this subject. I think you’re lying if you don’t tell the whole truth. Seems that lies blurch out of people’s mouths without them thinking twice about it. I don’t think we realize how far-reaching the effects of our lies are. Maybe God should have put a built-in device in our mouths when we lie…like a nasty taste until we tell the truth. OK…there’s the first chapter…go for it!:)

  8. jonathan on #

    mangosteens! mangosteens! want mangosteens! sob. and you’re not *supposed* to write your own entry at wikipedia, but you can.

  9. Justine on #

    Niki: Such a kind sister you are.

    Diana: What? On account of all we writers are professional liars?

    Marrije: We are not talking about that.

    Amirah: To taste mangosteens is to love mangosteens. I could always wack ’em in the liar book too, you know.

    So pleased you liked my book! Yay!

    Amanda: Give in to temptation! Add the bit about my years of elephant wrangling. I love the idea of having been raised by rogue ballerina-ninjas. Hey, you could also say that my best known book is The Pink Fairy Learns Ballet a violent machine-gun fuelled romp.

    John H: That’s exactly what I had in mind! It would be the YA version of Tommy Flanagan only as a girl + mangosteens.

    Dawn Cline: I do think there are occasions when lying is the right thing to do. Little white lies. Like when most people ask you how they look they really don’t appreciate it if you tell them anything other than “you look fabulous!” But for the most part I agree.

    Jonathan: Have you been good? You know only good people are allowed to have mangosteens, right?

    I think I will observe the not-writing-my-own-entry-on-wikipedia rule, even if it isn’t a hard and fast one. Aside from anything else I’d wind up losing hours there!

  10. Ellen Kushner on #

    Your French cover rocks exceedingly! Trust the French.

  11. Amanda Coppedge on #

    I am sorely tempted to fabricate a bio for you, but I am going to take the high road. Perhaps a mini-interview will yield some interesting facts? Scott’s wikipedia entry is all like “Scott is a vegetarian who likes pina coladas and walks on the beach” so you should have something, too.

    Do you care to divulge your birthdate?

    Favorites (book, food, color, animal, toothpaste, etc.)

    Did you always want to be a writer, or did you have other career aspirations as a youngster?

    Any awards, degrees, etc. that should really be up there?

    Anything else that just screams “essential Justine bio factoid”?

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