Italy through to the finals

Okay, so Italy beats the Ukraine 3 nil, then Germany 2 nil to make it to the finals. Makes us Aussies look pretty good, eh? We kept them to 1 nil. Plus that one goal was from a penalty kick awarded for a flop.

I’m just saying . . .


  1. Blahblah on #

    Yeah, but that last goal was more or less because the germans gave up … though the set up was pretty sweet

  2. Chris Barnes on #

    Yep… but for a bt of bad fortune, that could be the Socceroos going into the final now. Oh well, that’s sport, ain’t it? No point getting hung up on ifs and buts and maybes, I s’pose…

  3. Justine on #

    Chris: Steady! I wouldn’t go that far!

  4. John H on #

    so it’s italy v france. should be interesting…

  5. samantha l. on #

    john h: But alas, not nearly so funny as Germany v. France would have been. I had all these “Maginot Line” jokes half-written, dammit… 🙂

  6. John H on #

    the chicago tribune this morning had a quick preview that ended with grudge factors for each side – for italy they came up with the sacking of rome in 1527 by the french, and for france they had the theft of the mona lisa by an italian in 1911. pretty lame…

  7. ben peek on #

    my poor young fascists… oh well. bring on italy. i just can’t go with france.

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