Daughters reviewed

Remember the anthology I published a couple of months ago? Daughters of Earth?

Well, at long last, it’s been reviewed and the review’s a lovely one.

Here’s what Nancy Jane Moore at sfrevu has to say about Daughters:

    In Daughters of Earth, eleven feminist science fiction scholars look at eleven feminist science fiction stories. Given that the field of science fiction scholarship is a small one, it is a joy to find eleven very good feminist scholars among them. Combining the microcosm of each story with the macrocosm of the Twentieth Century, these scholars provide us with a depth of experience we can’t get just reading the stories themselves.

A ridiculous amount of work (tracking down copyright holders, arguing with agents, wrangling stories out of the essayists and etc.) went into Daughters and I’m crazy proud of the end result: from the gorgeous cover by Cat Sparks to the awesome essays. If you’re at all interested in science fiction you should really check it out.


  1. anonymous on #

    is it hard? it looks like its no for fun reading. i don’t like to work when i’m reading.

  2. margo on #

    Hey, Justine, so when is the chapbook with the 1940s story and essay coming out?

    I have so many books to read, I was trying not to look too hard at DOE. Now, dammit, I have to get it. *clicks tongue with annoyance*

  3. Justine on #

    Thanks, Danny! Nice review.

  4. anghara on #

    Just got a copy for review purposes – watch out for it in SFSite – but right now I”m trying to finish the last couple of chapters of the #2 book in teh YA series, so everything else has taken a secondary importance – I will be reading this book next, though! And I look forward to it!

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