Borderlands cat

I have never published a photo of a cat on my blog before. This is because I believe it is a cheap way to gain visitors to your blog. I have vowed never to stoop so low.

However, I recently stopped in at Borderlands Books to say hi to Jude and sign stock. A visit to Borderlands also means hanging out with Ripley the store cat. Ripley is the weirdest looking cat I have ever seen. She’s a Sphynx, who are hairless space aliens. Ripley was recovering from surgery and attired in an old t-shirt to protect her stitches. This made her somewhat grumpy. As it would.

Fortunately there is now a second Borderlands cat, Ash, who deigned to gift us with her presence:

She’s only pretending to not be interested in How To Ditch Your Fairy. She actually LOVED it. She has a people fairy. They will do whatever she wants them to.

She can also fly. This photo was taken just before take-off:

And here she is investigating the strange new person:

Fortunately she decided not to have me killed. Phew, eh?


  1. Mahek on #

    When I saw the pictures “what the hell is that?” instantly came out! I thought it was ET. But Ripley is a very cute cat.

    The copies of How To Ditch Your Fairy look soooooo cool!

  2. Justine on #

    Mahek: That’s not Ripley, that’s Ash. She is very cute indeed.

  3. Rene on #

    I like that you can see her stripes even though she doesn’t have fur.

  4. Julia Rios on #

    In that last picture, it appears that she is about to feast upon your eye. Back away, Justine! Back away!

  5. Christopher Barzak on #

    I got your book yesterday, and it is beautiful. I LOVE the cover. You must be so proud!

    I also liked the cat pictures. 😉

  6. Haddy-la on #

    not only are there copies of htdyf but there is a bogus to bubbly GIVE IT TO ME

  7. Justine on #

    Julia Rios: Clearly, she needs my eye more than I do.

    Chris: Isn’t it gorgeous? I love that Charlie got her face back.

    Haddy-la: That’s Scott’s copy that he brought to show the Borderlands people. It will be out soon. Patience!

  8. Desdemona on #

    I just finished HTDYF today and loved it! Also, hairless cats? Maybe I wouldn’t die a horrible death/ be allergic to that one..

  9. Liset on #

    i know this kitty!
    a friend and i were leaning against the big borderlands window waiting for someone,
    when the cat came out of nowhere,
    and my friend screamed!
    He’s a 20 year old dude, btw.

  10. Liset on #

    omg i see the bogus to bubbly!


  11. Mahek on #

    Oh, I didn’t realise there were two cats. Since when did cats have stripes?

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