1. Brent on #

    Rest? It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day matey! If’n yer gonna rest, at least dream like a pirate! Arrrrr!

  2. sammi on #

    have fun sleeping. i sure wish i could…

  3. cat on #

    Definitely get some R and R….you are probably going to need it! You have just begun your book tour. Have fun and hope the 2 of you enjoy yourselves. (Nothing suggested…just a recommendation from one set of travelers to another set.) Glad you are finding nonjunk food items to consume. I knew it could be done…the bigger the area the more things to find (good and bad…my waistline know this).

  4. Garth Nix on #

    What kind of slacker’s tour are you on 🙂

  5. HypotheticalDystopia on #

    My getting-good-test/quiz-grades fairy disappeared after the long summer. However, I know what my new fairy is. It’s the never-run-out-of-toilet-paper fairy. Definitely the most boring fairy ever.

    Sleep well…

  6. Sonja on #

    Hey, that was Garth Nix …
    Sorry Justine. *Trying to get out of trouble voice* You were sleeping and I get distracted easy!
    Anyways enjoy sleep. Is good for you 🙂

  7. Justine on #

    Garth: My publisher lets me sleep. Nyer nyer.

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