Edgar Award Nomination and My Sister Rosa Extras

My Sister Rosa has been nominated for an Edgar Award. The Edgars are the Mystery Writers of America awards. They are named for Edgar Allen Poe. I am ecstatic.

Let me explain, when I was little Edgar Allen Poe was one of my absolute favourite writers. I read his short stories over and over. They terrified me. I suspect my claustrophobia was at the very least exacerbated by his buried alive stories. Yeah, that’s right I blame Edgar Allen Poe for being claustrophobic. I bet I’m not alone.

I have always been a reader of crime fiction. I was obsessed with Patricia Highsmith, Walter Mosley, and Raymond Chandler as a teen and they have been a huge influence on my three crime novels: Liar, Razorhurst and My Sister Rosa.

To celebrate my Edgar award nomination joy I have put up some extras from My Sister Rosa: a couple of chapters that were cut. Enjoy! Or not. They were cut for a reason.


  1. Priya Sridhar on #

    Congratulations! You deserve it!

    • Justine on #

      Thank you!

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