Pjs, Pockets, and Purses

I spend a great deal of my time in front of my computer in my pyjamas. Thus I wear pyjamas more than I wear any other clothing. They are my work uniform. All my novels have been written while I was wearing pjs. I think about pyjamas a lot.

I like mine to have three pockets, two on the pants, as well as a breast pocket. I like them to be soft and loose fitting, and deliciously comfortable. It’s a bonus if they can also have goofy, gorgeous or gelid1 patterns on them.

I mentioned on Twitter that most women’s pjs do not have pockets and the sadness this fills me with. How I am forced to mostly wear men’s pyjamas which typically do not have as interesting prints as women’s. Soon we were in a discussion about the paucity of pockets in women’s clothing, the awesomeness of pockets, and of pjs, and there was much bonding.

Though there was also some who made distinctions between kinds of pjs. For them pjs are what you wear to bed and lounging pjs are what you wear to write in. Okay . . . sounds very Katherine Hepburn-y, and I love her, so I’ll go with it. But I do not make such a distinction. Then there was mention of “house dresses” which I’d only ever heard of in ye olde Hollywood movies. Must be a thing of the USA.

But there was also a distinct minority who questioned the need for pockets in pjs. I admit to being bewildered by the question but it swiftly became apparent that there are people who only wear pjs to sleep in.

I know. I was shocked too.

Then it turned out that there are people who don’t like pockets. Who don’t want pockets on any of their clothing. There was talk of pockets always having holes, ruining the lines of clothing, making people look fat (!).

I must confess at that point I fainted from shock.

Where do they put their phone? Their keys? Their sekrit decoder ring (when not in the company of people where it can be worn freely)? I don’t understand!

The answer was in their bags (or purses as those from the USA call them). Don’t get me wrong. I have handbags, I have backpacks. I use them. I even have some I love dearly but in my heart of hearts I wish everything I needed when I left the house would fit into my pockets. That I could be unencumbered by bags.

For bags weigh me down, pulling on one shoulder, or the other, or both in the case of backpacks. I am always inadvertently whacking into things with bags or being whacked with them. They are little violent, destructive beasts.

Worst of all bags eat my stuff.

I know the only pen I’ve ever liked is in the bag I bought in Rome many, many years ago. The first fancy bag I ever bought myself. And Italian bag! My Italian bag. I still have that bag though it is faded and frayed and somewhat less fabulous than it once was. The pen should be in there. But can I find it? No, I cannot. That stupid Italian bag ate my favourite pen. I have never found a pen like it since. I no longer like pens. All because of that bag.

In conclusion: Pyjamas are the best WITH pockets. Purses (bags) are the devil. The end.

  1. They only need be gelid in summer. In winter I prefer warmer patterns. []


  1. Kandace Mavrick on #

    I read this snickering the whole time and thinking, “Yes. This.”

    My very favourite thing about how we’re living in the future is that my smartphone eliminates the need to carry a book and a notebook and pen everywhere I go. Suddenly (on the rare occasions I have to put on grown-up clothes and leave the house) I have the ability to fit everything I need in my pockets. Best result 🙂

  2. Little Willow on #

    I don’t like purses.
    You’d approve of this pair of PJs. Pocket on the top, at least.

  3. Justine on #

    Kandace: I wish I could pare down that much. But whenever I’m out for awhile I also need a spare battery for my phone. And, oh, I don’t know. Stuff, too much stuff!

    Little Willow: Pockets for the win!

  4. Cameron on #

    This from the woman with the custom boots!
    I sure a Singapore tailor could whip up a few pairs of flannel cargo pants on your next stop over to the States.

    My son has the same complaint. There’s nowhere to keep his DS in his Pikachu onesie (and no, it’s not adorable, he’s 16).

    Haddin and Clarke are still in. 350-380 on the first innings?

  5. Clix on #

    Bah! Phone, keys, wallet. It’s all you REALLY need. Other stuff can be nice to have, but the frustration of trying to remember where everything is just isn’t worth the often-unnecessary convenience.

  6. Justine on #

    Cameron: I was going to predict 600 but I got distracted and didn’t post my comment. I was kidding though. You could have knocked me over when we went on to get just shy of that and then win yet another test. There’s much pinching of self going on over here. It’s wonderful. I still don’t think we’re as good as we seem right now or that England are as woeful as they seem. I do think we’re pretty evenly matched teams. See what happens next, eh?

    Clix: Sadly a battery to recharge my phone has become an absolute necessity. Weighs the pockets down too much.

  7. Gwenda on #

    I don’t mind a breast pocket, but my favorite pair of PJs with pockets have two near the bottom of the shirt and on the pants. (Plus a cute pattern.)

  8. Justine on #

    Gwenda: Pic or it didn’t happen! They sound like the perfect pjs.

  9. rockinlibrarian on #

    Another vote for POCKETS! I really do try to get everything into those. I like winter because I can wear a coat with big pockets– in summer I’m occasionally forced to carry a purse.

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