Me in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

As part of teaching at the Alpha Teen Workshop, I’ll be appearing in Greensburg, PA. Scott will also be there on account of we’re teaching the workshop together. Along with the fabulous Theodora Goss and Tamora Pierce. Stellar company, eh?

Here are the details:

Sunday, 14 July1

Barnes & Noble Greensburg
5155 Route 30
Greensburg, Pa. 15601

Click here for the store locator.

Hope to see some of you there. It’s ages since either one of us did an event in the USA. We are very excited.

I have never been to Pittsburgh before. Is there anything in particular I should make sure to see? Tell me of Pittsburgh, oh Pittsburghians.

  1. Given the date I imagine the entire event will be in French. I’m pretty sure I can still count to ten in French and ask where the window is. Which is all you need, right? Oh, apparently it is not. My French-speaking sister has just informed me that I am forbidden to mangle that fine language. English, it is then. []


  1. evie on #

    You should go to mt. Washington, best view of the city, and point state park where pittsburgh’s three rivers meet.

  2. Matt Austern on #

    If you have a car and half a day free, and if you like modernist architecture, there’s always Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. ( I’ve only been once or twice, but I found it beautiful — well worth a visit.

    If you’re in the city itself and you like dinosaurs (and really, who doesn’t like dinosaurs?), you might want to go to Carnegie Museum. They have a surprisingly good collection.

  3. Mia on #

    Yay! I can’t wait. My book club and I will be there. 😀

    You should definitely take an incline up to Mt. Washington to see the view. Phipps Conservatory is another great place to visit.

    If you like museums, The Andy Warhol, Natural History and Toonseum (celebrating comics, comic books and graphic novels) are all fun.

    I’m not sure what your schedule is like or how long you’ll be here, but there is a gallery crawl downtown July 12th. Basically all of the galleries and a lot of other businesses in the cultural district open up for free access. Some crawls are better than others but it’s always worth checking out.

  4. Justine on #

    evie & Matt Austern: Thanks for the tips!

    Mia: Thank you. Those sounds great. I look forward to meeting you and your book club!

  5. rockinlibrarian on #

    Mmm, that Barnes and Noble was MY Barnes and Noble growing up! (I might try to go to this one– what a lineup! I know Tamora Pierce is there a lot– she must know the owners!– but ALL of you there at once? Hey, my parents have to babysit the next day, anyway, I’ll just drop the kids off a day early….)

    I feel like I want to give you suggestions of things to see in the Greensburg area– it’s about an hour outside of Pittsburgh itself– but to be honest, I can’t think of much out there! Blerg, I feel like a lousy ambassador for Westmoreland County. There are some lovely parks if you just want to take in some greenery, go hiking or whatnot.

    The suggestions above for stuff to do IN the city hit pretty much everything I’d suggest, anyway, except the Children’s Museum but that’s more of a must if you have small children with you (not that grownups wouldn’t also have fun there. You just might feel a little awkward). Also, it’s sort of funny to suggest, but PNC Park is a gorgeous ballpark– it’s almost worth going to a baseball game just to hang out at the park and not pay attention to the game. There are some nice riverside parks outside it, too, with statues to Mister Rogers and Roberto Clemente and other cool people. Also, take the DUQUESNE Incline up to Mt. Washington– it’s a little SCARIER than the Mon Incline because it’s a restored historical one as opposed to modern, but at the top they have some cool historical museum-y picture displays and, for a quarter, you can go inside to look at all the gears and machinery making the incline run, and it’s REALLY cool. Down at the bottom (but closer to the Mon Incline than the Duquesne), Station Square has one of those fountains that dance to music every 15 minutes, which you wouldn’t need to go out of your WAY for, but it’s strangely amusing if you happen to be there and have a moment.

    If you want to go even farther out of your way– though it might not be, because it’s closer to the International Airport than either Pittsburgh OR especially Greensburg– about half hour south of the city in my town of Canonsburg we have a really awesome chocolate factory/candy store/ ice cream parlor called Sarris’. GOOD STUFF. Also while you’re there you can pop over to see the singing statue of Perry Como in front of the Borough Building. If you wanted.

  6. Emily on #

    I will tell you about food, because food here is inexpensive and delicious. I personally think the best food in the city is in Lawrenceville (Church Brew, Piccolo Forno…) but my favorite place is in Regent Square, it’s called Alma Pan Latin Kitchen. If you like sushi; Andy’s sushi in Wholey’s fish market (the strip) is AWESOME.

    Yelp is a good app for the latest in Pittsburgh yummy-ness.

  7. Emily on #

    Also. Pamela’s.

  8. Justine on #

    rockinlibrarian: Wow. Thanks. So many suggestions!

    Emily: Food. Food is always good!

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