Signed Books

Some folks have been asking lately how to get hold of signed copies of my books. And asking if I’ll sign a book if they send it to me. Tragically the answer is no, I won’t. This is not because I’m mean but because,

  1. I travel too much. Your book is unlikely to get to me in a timely fashion.
  2. I am hopeless at getting to the post office. If your book does land in the right country at the right time it will then sit on my desk for about a decade. I tried book plates and I was just as bad at mailing them. It’s a sickness.

So I have created a signed books page. See the link in the right sidebar under Books? There’s a list of the bookshops where I regularly sign stock in the two cities I spend the most time: Sydney & New York City.

At the moment there’s only two, Kinokuniya in Sydney—it’s my fave bookshop here because it’s one-stop shopping, every single book I crave plus manga plus grahic novels plus anime—and Books of Wonder in NYC, which if you haven’t been there, you should. Best kids bookshop in the city.

I recently also signed a few copies of Liar for Berkelouw Books in Paddington. And am happy to sign for any other bookshop in my area that wants my signature scribbled on their stock.1

Also before we left NYC me and Scott signed at a number of Barnes & Nobles and Borders in Manhattan. So you may stumble across some signed copies in one of those stores.

Not to mention that I signed many, many books while on tour in the USA in October and November. If you live near any of those bookshops there may still be signed books left.

Hope this helps.

And, yes, I should probably have posted this before xmas etc. Whoops.

  1. Of my books, obviously. I’m not going to vandalise anyone else’s books. []


  1. Sean the Blogonaut on #

    Speaking of signed books, Stephen King was visiting Alice Springs last year and was nearly chased out of one of the stores (he was signing his books on the sly) by the staff.

  2. Jonathan Walker on #

    There are indeed signed copies of ‘Liar’ at Kinokuniya Sydney: right by the entrance, no less, in the Australian books / authors display.

  3. Sam Downing on #

    Though it’s slightly off-topic, I want to add my Kinokuniya love. I’d live there if they’d let me.

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