Things What Are Making Me Laugh

The first thing that’s making me laugh is that Scott is currently making me breakfast. A very happy breakfast:


The next thing is that last night Scott was told about this gadget and now it is all he wants in the entire world:

The Dyson fan with NO BLADES! But how does it work? Because of AIR MULTIPLIER TECHNOLOGY.

Air multiplier technology. Hahahahaha.

This skit is making me laugh even harder. Via the fabulous Snazzydee I was introduced to The Armstrong & Miller Show. Here they are RAF airmen chatting up some fetching gels in Chav speak:

I’m sorry “innit” rendered as “isn’t it” in Posh Pommy Talk (or RP as it also known). I laughs every time.

What’s making you laugh?


  1. Foz Meadows on #

    The Armstrong and Miller RAF pilots are pure gold. Love it!

    Making me laugh tonight was the game of Cranium we played earlier, wherein my husband was trying to draw someone tap dancing, and his teammate guessed ‘jingle shoes’ and ‘music boots’ from the picture, but not tap dancing. Also, during an impersonation of David Beckham, he guessed John Cleese doing a silly walk instead, although in fairness, my husband was allowed to speak while doing the impersonation (provided he didn’t mention names or places) and somehow FORGOT that he could say the words ‘fauxhawk’, ‘soccer’, ‘team captain’ and ‘married to a famous, skinny mime-singer with black hair and really big glasses’, and instead continually repeated the phrase, ‘I’m a git. A giant git!’ while kicking a nearby chair.

    Big laughs all round 🙂

  2. Heather on #

    What an adorable breakfast!

    As to what’s making me laugh…
    It’s this:
    True, educational, and hilarious. I may just print it out and hang it in my cubicle.

  3. Justine on #

    Sean: As long as you’re laughing it’s all good.

    Foz Meadows: He could’ve just said “Bend it like . . . ” In your husband’s defense Beckham is a giant git. Though that doesn’t exactly narrow things down. Thanks for making me laugh.

    Heather: And what an adorably vicious guide to spelling.

  4. Ali on #

    I love the RAF chav sketches! I hadn’t seen this one before, so thank you for that very amusing two minutes 🙂 I think my favourite is this one: – just for when the guard speaks up ‘err……actually, zey do?’

    Things that are making me laugh recently: Sarah Rees-Brennan summarising Merlin on her blog, the realisation that Robert Pattinson is the man-version of Megan Fox (Sady Doyle says so: ) and hearing that Charles de Gaulle once said ‘How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?’.

  5. Jude on #

    For me, it’s generally Savage Chickens: although I also frequently love and occasionally Abstruse Goose. The New Yorker also provides a weekly slideshow of cartoons. I check all of these and because I post lots of cartoons in my high school library. My new favorite writing blog is “How to Write Badly Well” but for all I know, I probably found it here in the first place (I should keep notes on where I find things, but I lack the time).

  6. A. Grey on #

    I love those blue bowels, that’s the shortest, fattest banana I’ve ever seen and what kind of eggs are those? Guineas of some sort? They look YUMMY.

  7. A. Grey on #

    Are you kidding me? All those spelling links and I write bowels instead of bowls… *sigh*

  8. Justine on #

    A. Grey: Eggs? That’s hilarious. Those are passionfruit!

    I am always accidentally writing “bowels” for “bowls” also “orgasm” for “organism”. Most embarrassing.

  9. A. Grey on #

    Passion fruit!?! I’ve never seen a real, unprocessed in any way passion fruit! That’s AWESOME! Learn something new every day. Glad I made you laugh! ;D I’ve done the orgasm/organism thing too.

  10. The OTHER Tally Youngblood on #

    Aww. The Breakfast smiley is SO CUTE! heh heh. These guys are who are making me laugh. They’re Rhett and Link. Check ’em out!

  11. Eliza on #

    I was also going to ask about those magical Aussie breakfast eggs. Fortunately now saved the embarrassment.

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