HTDYF Contest adorableness

The winners of Allen & Unwin’s How To Ditch Your Fairy contest have been announced. And they’re all very fabulous:

Competition Winner

Eden, QLD

“A cupcake fairy who works in the cafeteria, sprinkling naughty dust over the icing of miss populars.”

Eden sent in a photo of herself in her fairy costume. Readers, I confess, I awwwwwed. It was SO gorgeous. I wish you could have seen it. She’s wearing a teeny tiara and fuzzy wings. Even Scott awwwwed.

Competition Shortlist

Krystal, NSW

“I’d love a ‘you-can-eat-anything fairy’! To shield me from after garlic breath, big-backside affect and especially for me, dreaded hive outbreak.”

Steph, VIC

“A never-feeling-blue fairy.”

Kim, New Zealand

“The ‘I look like I’ve just stepped out of the salon’ fairy. No bad hair, face or body days.”

Kylie, VIC

“Bad fairy – I’m very innocent at times so sometimes I need a push from my bad fairy to do something a bit exciting and risky.”

I could use most of those fairies myself. Well, except for the bad fairy. I’m all over that once. Have been for years. Alas.

One of the unexpected and very happy making results of writing HTDYF is all the lovely folks who’ve written to tell me what their fairy is. Those are my favourite fan letters. Thank you!


  1. Steph on #

    Oh, I want to see the picture.
    Hey! That’s me in the shortlist! Though I think I want to change my fairy to a ‘purse-always-full-of-cash’ fairy. Being broke before Mother’s Day is not fun.
    HTDYF is so easy to become engaged in, it’s fantastic (I did a review of it on my blog: – where I go into more detail of its wonderfulness)

  2. Joey-la on #

    i seem to have an ‘always gets injuries for no real reason’ fairy. I always hurt myself and don’t know how it happened!! Not fair!! 😀
    Or an
    ‘Always sees awesome hats when shopping’ fairy – which sucks becuase I have no money, but LOVE hats!

  3. Justine on #

    Steph: Congrats!

    Child privacy laws in Australia mean we can’t publish the photo. It’s also why no surnames are given.

    Joey-la: Those are not fairies, those are curses! As in my sports curse which I talk about here.

  4. Clix on #

    Yeah, it’s definitely very pout-making to mention the adawable pic and then not show it 😉 But as a teacher I know what you mean.

    I’m pretty sure I have a key-hiding fairy. I would much rather have an inspire-students-to-do-their-best-on-their-homework fairy.

    BTW – any chance of a return to Dragon*Con?

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