1. Kate on #

    that is wonderful! just what I needed. ^_^

  2. Julia Rios on #

    I love Judy Garland’s voice, but clearly Barnett Parker is the star in this scene. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Justine on #

    Kate: You’re welcome!

    Julia: He is my favourite gay butler character actor of all time. And now we know he was a lollypop stealer!

  4. Julia Rios on #

    Well she did hand it to him!

  5. Mary Elizabeth S. on #

    People should do that more often, and not just when there’s cameras around. Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if you could walk into the lobby somewhere and come across an ad-lib musical?

    Here, sir, have a lillipop. 😀


  6. Justine on #

    Julia: She handed it to him in a “Here, mind this” kind of a way, not in a “have my lollipop for all of time” way!

    Mary Elizabeth: I’m often saddened that my life is not a musical.

  7. crankynick on #

    I know it’s off topic (so delete if this side-tracks the Garland love) but you might also want to check out the BeBook, the e-reader I own. The screen is the same as all of the others (they’re all sourcing them from basically the same place), but they run a Linux OS distro, and work just fine.

    They don’t play as well with Macs as I’d like – unmounting the device can be a bit painful, but otherwise it’s a great little device.

    And it’s available in Australia – which the other two aren’t, which is why I bought one.

  8. Brendan Podger on #

    I know this is beside the point, but can you imagine any young star of today looking so err… well fed? An inditement on our fetish for slimness IMO.

  9. Penni on #

    All right Betty, go ahead and sing.
    I have a steampunk ereader fantasy.

  10. Jim Reardon on #

    Hey, I just wanted to post an appology — I internet-speed-read your post and completely missed the point where you said you absolutely didn’t want one. I wouldn’t have posted my comments if I had read better; I thought instead you were on the fence!

    Sorry, next time Jim read better.

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