Many things

I have many many many posts in various states of undress, which I cannot get to because of other pressing matters. But I do not want to leave you with nothing so here is a sample of some links which have amused me:

Which monkey is cuter? Go to Jennifer Lynn Barnes’ blog and vote on which of her monkeys attracts more mates. I think it’s completely obvious.

An excellent article by Meg Reid on the new Disney movie, which features a black princess.

This one just made me laugh. English writers TAKE ON THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE and WIN. Cause that’s how writing works. It’s all a death match.

A truly amazing artist, Ernie Barnes, dies.

On exclamation marks. What? I’m a writer. We’re supposed to be geeky about punctuation.

On the difference between new and experienced literary agents. What she said. (Via Literarticat.)

And now back to the pressing matters, which have nothing to do with clothes. I have never pressed clothing in my entire life.


  1. Hoolie on #

    Re: Exclamation Points: In a bygone age, when I was a literary intern at a theater, we received a submission with a cover letter in which every sentence ended in at least one and up to five exclamation points (sentences for which five exclamation points were inadequate to convey the author’s enthusiam were typed in red ink for additional emphasis). It was a sci-fi fantasy involving giant spaceworms that lived under rocks, and the hero was described with the deathless line, “Captain Vundar is a NUTCAKE!!!!!” (red ink, oh yes…)

  2. Justine on #

    Oh my. That sounds completely unreadable. Poor exclamation point. So frequently abused!

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