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The round up of fall books (USian for autumn) appeared in Publishers Weekly. I think that’s why I’ve been getting such an uptick in queries about my next book. Here’s what PW said about my publisher’s fall list:


Bloomsbury shows its claws with Girls Acting Catty by Leslie Margolis, a sequel to Boys R Dogs; Forest Born by Shannon Hale, fourth in the Books of Bayern fantasy series; Eat Fresh Food by Rozanne Gold, a guide for young chefs; Lady Macbeth’s Daughter by Lisa Klein, about a girl who learns of her complicated heritage; and an untitled mystery novel by Justine Larbalestier.

I’m in great company, aren’t I? Leslie Margolis, Shannon Hale, Lisa Klein! Fab writers all. I’m especially keen to get my hands on Forest Born. Or I would be if I was allowed to read books that weren’t set in the 1930s in New York. Le sigh. Lucky for me, Eric Luper’s Bug Boy will be out fairly soon (great cover, Eric!), which is not only set in New York (in Saratoga) but also in the 1930s. Thank you, Eric!

I’m a bit shocked, though, that PW were so revealing about my book. So many spoilers! Why would you guys want to read it now?! Sheesh.

Heh hem. To answer the queries I’ve been getting:

    Q: When is your next book out?

    A: September in the US of A; October in Australia. (That’s right for once my country folk don’t have to wait very long at all. W00t! Hopefully from now on all my books will come out at roughly the same time in both countries.)

    Q: What’s it called?

    A: Sekrit!

    Q: A mystery? Does that mean there’s a murder in it?

    A: Could be.

    Q: Are there weasels?

    A: What kind of a question is that?

    Q: Quokkas?

    A: You’re just being silly now. Either ask a sensible question or don’t ask any at all!


    A: Fine, then.

To sum up I have a book coming out in September which may or may not be about a murder. It’s title is ” ” and this is what the cover looks like:

I hope we’re all clear now.


  1. Q on #

    I assume you’ve actually written this book?

  2. caitlin on #

    Looking forward to the Liar book – though whenever I see the word liar ” Lies Lies Lies” by the Thompson Twins pops into my head — guess you can tell what kind of music I listened to in the ’80s.

  3. Stephanie Leary on #

    That reminds me — did you happen to see the 1930s mystery roundup on Smart Bitches the other day? I’m afraid I was too busy going “ooh, shiny” and checking my libraries’ catalogs to note which ones were set outside England.

  4. Eric Luper on #

    Prediction about Justine’s 1930’s mystery:

    The jerboa did it!


  5. Dan Goodman on #

    “…fall…USian for autumn” — formerly also British. American English has kept various other words which became extinct in England.

  6. Justine on #

    Q: What a rude question! Of course, I have! [whistles]

    Caitlin: Are you sure that’s a confession you want to make in public?

    Stephanie: I did see that. Got a couple of leads out of it too.

    Eric: Not a 1930s mystery, silly. Is the book after this untitled one that is the 1930s one.

    Dan: Olden days don’t count.

  7. Q on #

    Hey, I was assuming you had written it!


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