Are the West Indies back?

The West Indies just destroyed England in the first test at Sabina Park in Jamaica.1 Is this the beginning of a new era of outstanding West Indian cricket? Oh, please let it be true! Please, please, please, please please!

The West Indies cricket team of the 1970s and 1980s made me fall in love with cricket. They were the best team in the world and even when they didn’t win every match, were clearly the most talented. They made playing cricket look joyful and fierce and like the most important thing in the world. I could not get enough of them. I watched every match I could. Pretty easy to do living as I was in a cricket lovely household. I miss the West Indies not being the best team in the world.

Clive Lloyd was the world’s best cricket captain. He’s yet to be surpassed. I have never seen a more elegant bowler than Michael Holding, or a better batsman than Viv Richards. Obviously, we’re not going to see their like again. But I will totally take Jerome Taylor’s 5/11 (!), Sulieman Benn’s 4/31, and Chris Gayle’s sensible century. Not to mention his steady captaincy. Could he be shaping up to be the West Indies’ next great captain? Hop so.

So far the twelve months or so have been awesome for cricket: rejuvenation in India and South Africa. Signs of strong improvement from Bangladesh, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka (Yes, they’re getting wiped in India right now. But I think India are the number one team in the world.) No, I don’t have a read on Pakistan at the moment. Inconsistency from Australia (not business as usual, thus interesting) and England (business as usual, therefore fun to laugh at).2 The IPL and the ICL have added bizarre, but kind of cool dashes of, um, I’m not quite sure what yet.3

Adding a resurgent West Indies to the mix fills my heart with joy. So much great cricket ahead. YAY!!!

  1. England all out for 51 in their second innings. Hahahahahah! []
  2. Bear in mind that except for cricket played in Australia this summer I’m going off what I’ve read not what I’ve seen. No, we does not have cable here in Sydney. []
  3. Am I the only one who’s fascinated by the IPL auctions? Lord, I’m glad the pro writing world doesn’t work like that. []


  1. Ned on #

    Not sure, having watched a bit of this match on cable in London. Gayle played great, and with Sarwan and Chanderpaul still around, they’ve got a reasonable start to innings. Taylor had a fantastic afternoon, but he’s not shown much sign of doing it before yesterday, and England played Benn awfully. I reckon the most promising sign for the Windies was the focus they seemed to show every. single. session. They ain’t done that in a while.

    I see your lot finally managed to beat New Zealand again. 🙂

  2. Justine on #

    Ned: This could be the beginning of the rest of his career for Taylor. Nothing but genius from here on! Focus is a very very very good sign. I still have high hopes for an ascendant West Indies.

    Actually, I was kind of hoping the Kiwis would clean sweep. I like it when the Kiwis are good and the Aussies need a shake up. Both Ponting & Clarke are less than impressive captains and the selectors need to realise it. Just because you’re a genius batsman does not mean you’ll be a genius captain! Hire Warne as the coach already!

    The only side Australia must always beat is your lot. 🙂

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