I hate steam heating

Does it really need to come on at 4AM and not let up until 9AM?

Why does it have to sound like banshees being tortured by trolls? What’s with the even LOUDER clanging? That’s almost, but not quite, like the bell that tolls for thee? Or me in this case.

Am I ever going to get a good night’s sleep again?

Stupid NYC with it’s stupid steam heating. I don’t ever remember it being this loud before. Is it because I have a book due on Friday?!

I’m so TIRED! Waaaaaahhhhh!!

I wish I had a horrible-noise dampening fairy.


Yes, I am aware that steam heating is super energy efficient and good for the planet. So, no, I don’t really hate it. But if NYC wasn’t so damn cold they wouldn’t need heating. Stupid coldness.

Oops. Looks like I lied about the whinge ending.



  1. Maggie on #

    Justine, I used to have a train track running through my backyard. You need earplugs. The good silicone kind. I promise they block out everything – trains, parties, TVs and even snoring husbands.

  2. Sabrina on #

    The problem with earplugs is that they blot out ALL sounds — so if the smoke detector goes off, or the alarm clock, you may not hear it. Then again, I’m right here with you. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages because a certain someone lies next to me and snores so loudly that even if I’m already asleep he actually wakes me up. And earplugs won’t stay in my ears because my canals are so teeny tiny.

    But hey, sleep deprivation can do amazing things for your imagination, no?

  3. Hillary! on #

    What’s steam heating?

  4. Brent on #

    The clanging noises are generally air in the system. You can try to complain to the super or landlord. A properly maintained system shouldn’t be that loud. And 4am to 9am is pretty much the coldest part of the day inside (lags about 2 hours behind the outside temp).

  5. Bethany on #

    I’m in NYC right now too, and is is ridiculously cold. Teh absolute evil, definitely. I have lived all of my life in New York, so I should be used to it, but i never ever am. Your posts lasts winter about how stupid it is cheered me up enormously,because no one else seemed to despise it quite as much.

    Just wondering, are you going to Australia for this year’s winter? And if so, when about? (I’m not a creepy staler, just curious, I promise.)

  6. yza on #

    Try some noise cancelling headphones hooked up to your iPod Gizmo of choice? Mine do not completely block out everything. For example, I can still hear the latest Teenaged Drama at work just fine… Sony makes a good and relatively inexpensive pair.

  7. Jen on #

    I’m not the only suffering by loud banging steam heating trolls in the walls!

    Really, I don’t understand why it’s so loud, but it definitely doesn’t help with the falling asleep thing.

  8. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    When I lived in Brooklyn, not only did the heat make gallons of noise turning on and off, but it would only come on at certain times of the day/if it was cold enough per some preset temperature my landlady made up. We started taping bags of ice to the thermostat to try and get the heat to come on during the day, but at night we were completely screwed. And I worked nights so by the time I got home to snuggle up in my bed, the apartment was icy. Lots. Of. Blankets.

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