Deadline: Next Friday

I am currently not answering my phone or text messages, responding to emails or IM invites, or answering the door. All forms of communication are turned off. I am incommunicado until next Friday1 when the rewrites of the Liar book are due.

Rewriting the Liar book is all I am doing right now. It is the beginning and the middle and the end of each day. It doesn’t matter how much I want to play in my brand-new, shiny, shiny 1930s novel, or how much I want to gallivant about town, I’m not allowed.

I will probably still blog. If I don’t blog my head explodes. But I am unlikely to respond to your gorgeous comments. Though I will read and cherish them as I always do. Of course once I’m finished with the rewrites I head to Texas.

Right then, back to the grindstone goes me.

  1. Or, um, possibly next Monday. []


  1. lulu on #

    Good luck!

  2. E. Kristin Anderson on #

    Gogogo! There’s nothing like pressure to inspire!

    We’re looking forward to your visit, here in the land of longhorns and queso!

  3. Ned on #

    I’m catching up on posts after an RSS feed hiccup. In shame that it took me 12 days (!) to notice, here is a shiny distraction.

  4. Ned on #

    And boy, was that ever the wrong link. Mustn’t work out of the office. Right link; profuse apologies.

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