How To Ditch Your Fairy tour (updated)

Starting on Monday 15 September I will be roaming around the US of A teaching people how to get rid of fairies that annoy them. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Next week will be all northern California, then there’ll be a bit of a break with stops in Philadelphia and New York, before I set out for Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. Then in November there will be some Texas appearances. That’s right, my tour covers seven different states. Not bad, eh? Full details can be found here. Complaints about my not going to your town or your state should be sent to my publicist. You can find her address here.

This is my very first tour so I’m dead excited and nervous and all those kind of things. Those of you who have been visited by touring authors: What did you most enjoy about their appearances? Do you like them to read? Answer questions? Tell anecdotes about their book? Juggle? What?

Update: The word “upstate” has been removed.


  1. Seth Christenfeld on #

    Larchmont is hardly upstate! It’s still in Westchester, even.

    Ithaca…now THAT’s upstate.

  2. khy on #

    No Southern California? -sadness- I may bug your publicist…eventually, when I am less lazy. Hope you have fun on tour and that loads of people come to see your awesome (:

    Oh! And answers for your questions:

    I liked when I could actually exchange words with the author. I’ve seen Stephenie Meyer and Lemony Snicket, both of whom I could barely say words to (but Lemony Snicket did play the accordion, which was awesome). But when I saw E. Lockhart/Sarah Mlynowski/Lauren Myracle for the How to Be Bad tour, I got to speak a little to them. And they were awesome. And I got a picture with them, which I like. Same goes for when I saw Melissa Marr and Cassie Clare- I gots to speak to them a tad, which is cool. Also, I like Q&As, even though I ask no questions. Still, I like them and am easily amused by them. Oh! And bring those spiffy bookmarks advertising your book. I know I can’t be the only one who loves those things.

    Hope that actually helped…

  3. Ellie on #

    Now when you say Oak Park Michigan do you actually mean Oak Park IL? Because I was very excited for a second until I went to the website.

  4. the dragonfly on #

    I can’t believe you’re going to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That’s where I grew up!! Too bad I live in Germany now. Oh well…maybe I’ll get my mom to go get a book signed for me. 😛

  5. Kathleen on #

    The authors I’ve always remembered most fondly are the ones who are generous – with time and smiles and stories and jokes, or even eye contact if they aren’t funny. There are two authors whose books I love about equally – one came across as very rushed and abrupt, the other hugged a friend of mine who had brought a gift and was willing to be generally a bit crazy. I’ll forgive the second one anything now, but sometimes have to remind myself how much I like the first author’s books.

  6. KT Horning on #

    The visits I’ve enjoyed the most have combined a little of each (minus the juggling). They’ve talked a little about how the book came to be, read a chapter aloud, and answered a few questions, all the while making eye contact. Just be yourself and people will love you. (I know that sounds corny and like something your mom would say, but, in your case, it’s true!)

  7. alisa on #

    i’m dead excited that you’re coming to kansas city, but why was there no location?!?! *wails* and i totally want to see you juggle, and breathe fire out of your mouth! oh, and maybe you could give us all manicures while you quote sections of the new book. yeah, i think i’d like that. ;D

  8. alisa on #

    right, ok, so i did a little research and i found the reading reptile and omg i can’t believe i never heard of this! it’s right by where i grew up. address is:

    328 W. 63rd Street
    Kansas City, MO 64113

    i am so excited!

  9. jenifer on #

    I was hoping to find that Oak Park, MI is closer to me than Grand Rapids (120 miles away), but then realized it’s actually in IL, not MI! Just wanted to let you know so that you can update your listing.

  10. Liset on #

    and maybe do a little dance.

    and i hope you know that the bookstore you’re going to in SF is a very scary place at night. So if i get kidnapped by a bum on the way to the bus after, I’m blaming you!

  11. Matt on #

    I love it when authors actually stop in Philly, instead of assuming we’ll make the jaunt up to NYC. I really hope I can make it.

  12. Justine on #

    Alisa: The event will not be at the Reading Reptile it will be at a local library nearby. Details to come.

    Jenifer: Fixed.

    Liset: As mentioned previously I have no control over these things. You need to hold my publicist responsible, not me.

  13. HypotheticalDystopia on #

    I thought I would be able to go to my first author’s tour when you said upstate NY. And then I looked at the places. And then the comments. *sad face* And then Seth Christenfeld stole the words right out of my mouth. Ithaca is upstate. In fact, Ithaca is extremely close to where I live. (15 minutes away)

    I’m not complaining yet. I haven’t given up. I still have time to convince my parents.

  14. Jez on #

    I’m so glad to see you’re coming to Illinois! And fairly close by even. It’ll be nice to see you again (I met you in Naperville, IL when Scott was touring Extras).

    When I meet an author I like to be able to talk to them a little, like when I talked to you & Scott. When I saw Stepehenie Meyer for the Eclipse release all I got was a “hi” and I only got a “happy birthday” when my friend mentioned it to Smeyer (because it was my bday after all).
    Juggling would be amusing though 😀

    I just got an email saying that Borders is shipping my copy of HtDYF, even though amazon says it’s not released for another week. So I’m pretty happy about that XD

  15. Francine on #

    Indeed, The Voracious Reader in Larchmont is actually only 30 minutes north of midtown Manhattan – a quick train ride and short walk from the station. We’re delighted you’re coming, Justine!

  16. cuileann on #

    EEEE! Chicago area! By hook or by crook, I will FIND A WAY to be there! And that’s so great you get your own tour! I hadn’t read any of your books when you came here on the Extras tour last year, so I didn’t talk to you. Even though I was standing next to you. But redemption!

    Re: author tours, I love hearing about how they got the idea for the book and got started on it, insighty type-things into it and what it was like writing it, anecdotes about the book or just plain anecdotes

  17. Desdemona on #

    I’ve only met two authors before. (Maureen Johnson and Stephenie Meyer) I liked meeting Maureen a lot better. She was very funny and it seemed more personal with only about 20 people there than the craziness of about 500 screaming fan girls at he Stephenie Meyer one. I hope to see you in Philly but it is about half an hour away from me on a school night, so nothing’s for sure yet.

  18. alisa on #

    oh, ok, i guess i can wait for details. le sigh.

    seriously, though, this may not help with figuring out what to do, but, reading would be cool. talking. letting us meet you. maybe we could all knit tea cozies or something. hehehe

  19. capt. cockatiel on #

    Aw, no WA… I may bug your publicist about this… D:
    Even though you’re not coming here, I will say that I like anecdotes about books. Or about anything.
    I mean, you can’t go wrong with anecdotes.
    (Dunno if you remember when my friends and I caught you at Scott’s signing in Seattle last October and one of us had a copy of Magic or Madness that was all drawn in, but I was gonna try to get that friend to do another like that if you came by again. Maaan.)

  20. cuileann on #

    Oh yeah, the best part is always just getting to ask your questions and chatting with the author. *guilty* I always kind of hope not too many people show up so that it’s more personal…

  21. Eliz. on #

    Oh, I’m excited because you’re coming to Kansas City, MO! Hurrah! Now all I have to do is convince my mom to buy me HTDYF…hmmm. Well, I’ll work on that.

    Oh and to alisa: The signing will take place at the Kansas City Public Library Plaza Branch. You know where the Plaza is right? The really big, new-ish library on like Main and Brookside Blvd or something. I’m sorry if my directions are too vague or insult you with their thoroughness. I don’t know where you live or how familiar you are with the city.

  22. alisa on #

    eliz – i do know where it is, i grew up right by there! it’s on main, yeah. your directions are neither too vague or insulting, i REALLY wanted to know WHERE, so thanks for telling me! i hope you get to come! look forward to seeing you there! YAY fellow kansas citian! woot.

    (and yeah, i have to convince my husband to let me buy htdyf. details, details. lol)

  23. John on #

    For those who were planning to visit the Oak Park Library in ILLINOIS on Oct 2 to see Justine you will be disappointed! She’ll be visiting the Oak Park MICHIGAN Library that day!!! You are more than welcome to join us in suburban Detroit for a delightful event.

  24. Justine on #

    Francine: Well, from where I am in the East Village that’s still upstate. 🙂 I look forward to visiting your bookshop. You have a great website.

    John: Fixed.

  25. Joey on #

    Yay for the tour! Since I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, I say “go us” for having multiple stops.

    Is the Kepler’s a “drive-by” or an actual event? Their website doesn’t indicate your reading/signing, though they’re usually very good about updating their site. Great store!

    I see you have consecutive days of events, but will you be stopping in other stores just to sign and say hi? Our area has at least three sf/f/h genre bookshops I’m sure would be pleased to make your acquaintance:

    – Borderlands Books (San Francisco)
    – The Other Change of Hobbit (Berkeley)
    – Dark Carnival (Berkeley)

  26. Justine on #

    Joey: I misread my schedule: The Kepler’s events are all in-school and not public. I have corrected the appearances page to reflect that.

    I’m very much hoping I get to those other bookshops to sign stock and say hi. I know there are some fly by visits on the sched. I especially want to get to Borderlands as those guys have been amazing to me over the years. It all depends, however, on the mighty schedule.

  27. Jaye on #

    Sorry that you have to go to Columbus, but hey, you can’t go really wrong with Grand Rapids. Schuler’s is an excellent independent bookstore and I try to stop in whenever I’m in town.

  28. Serafina Zane on #

    The copy I preordered from Borders came today!

  29. Kris on #

    hi justine – when will HTDYF be published in australia?

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