1. Ju on #

    Fresh lavender for the onset of migraines. Handful, in pillow case, dark room and sleep. Helps with the getting to sleep too. Actually I also believe in eucalyptus oil and steam.

  2. Patrick on #

    I tried that, but it doesn’t seem to help with election propaganda.

  3. Marko on #

    Bourbon and ginger ale.

  4. The Scarlet Tree on #

    My father swears by freshly juiced cabbage and garlic juice. Hell, that would scare anything away. But I prefer hot lemon and honey tea.

  5. Merrie Haskell on #

    For breathing problems, right? Or common cold sorts of symptoms, anyway–sinuses, etc. Because for ebola, not so much.

    I’m a big fan of a roasted onion on the ear for earaches, and mustard seed footbaths for colds.

  6. Natalie Hatch on #

    Gargling salt water, the salt acts as an antiseptic and cleans out your throat which speeds up your recovery. Don’t swallow though, that’ll just make you gag. For headaches and everything else associated with it I use LemSip, that stuff works, tastes disgusting, but works.

  7. Amber on #

    Rub it with a brick!

    My grandma’s cure for all ills (including ebola).

    Can’t personally guarantee its efficacy. Worth a shot, though.

  8. Serafina Zane on #

    My dad has an obsession with olive oil for everything, including cleaning motor oil off your skin (but not, you know, clothes, because olive oil stains are forever).

    My grandmother knows some pretty wierd remedies, but she’s also got a science degree and doesn’t seem to use them much.

  9. eek on #

    I think brownies, slightly under-cooked, can cure most anything that ails you. My advice beyond that is to rub some dirt on it – hey, it’s football season. :}

  10. Nicholas Waller on #

    I saw on TV once that Romans used olive oil as part of their bathing/cleaning process – the oil, sweat and dirt gunge would be scraped off with a special tool.

    My mother, I seem to recall, applied olive oil to us as kids when we had been sunburnt. But I could be wrong.

  11. Kate Egan on #

    Hot jasmine green tea always does it for me. Tiredness, headache, congestion– even though it’s usually temporary. Green tea actually has antibacterial and immune system boosting properties to it.
    White has it more-so, but I prefer green when it comes to taste.

    Tea in general is a lifesaver.

  12. Leahr on #

    You’re so…Australian. That’s a good thing, and entirely expected. But that would never have occured to me.
    I like Patrick’s comment above- he’s quite right! 🙂

  13. Leahr on #

    Sorry- that was less clear than I realized. It has occured to me before that you are Australian, of course. I meant that the idea of steam and eucalyptus oil as a remedy would never have occured to me.
    This sort of thing is what happens when I try to type when I’m tired. Do you have a folk remedy that will make me a little more clear-headed?

  14. NotAnotherExit on #

    For the clear head issue, try some orange and ginger essences. Either as a rub-on oil or above a tealite. Should work wonders to clear your brain. If you’re feeling particularly addled, add a dash of spruce. At least, that’s what we do here.

    If it’s a case of the grumps, a frog in the mouth is the cure.

  15. Lizabelle on #

    Lavender essential oil (diluted in some sort of carrier oil – jojoba or olive, for example) is a wonder at soothing sunburn.

  16. caitlin on #

    Marko’s cure always works for me. Also, cola for headaches, stuffed head and ginger for the gollywoggles.

  17. Camille on #

    Gargle with salt, rinse well, then sip honeyed rum with lemon juice. (That last I would do when perfectly healthy. Mmmmm.)

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